Louis Nye

A photograph of a crowd of angry sports fans, mainly men. The image has been digitally manipulated to form a repeat pattern and extends for 3 repeat patterns horizontally. The colouring of the image is blue and white and consists of around 100 figures.


Oil painting on polyester mesh material used for sports clothing. Painting depicts a cropped image of a chest armour plate, but is unfinished.

Morning painting

Black ink line drawing on paper of two legs and part of a torso in a dancing pose, with abstract small circles drawn behind the figure.

Sketch for painting

A digital drawing of a selection of white and grey building facades layered on top of each other with orange flames appearing intermittently across the image.

Unstable (draft 1)

A blue digital drawing of a parallax model, which is a machine used to rotate scene backdrops in theatres. In this case, the image being rotated is a sports crowd of about 100 people, digitally manipulated so that it is a repeat pattern.

Parallax Model 1

Black and green ink line drawing in a sketchbook of a male figure on one knee holding a shawl around his body with flames surrounding him.

Phase 1

Black line drawing of fragments of a seated figure, drawn over a double page spread in a sketchbook.

Sketchbook #3

Black ink line drawings over two pages of a sketchbook. Quick drawings of parts of a man's body using only a few lines

Sketchbook #2

A digital drawing of an exterior architectural space where the walls and floor are covered in blue tiles, with a light orange background.

Tile pattern

Scan of two sketchbook pages, one with an ink black line drawing based off a 17th century painting of 6 flying figures and a column. The other page has a drawing done in highlighter pen of the same painting.


Scan of a sketchbook page with a shaded black ink drawing of a torso of a suit of armour decorated with embossments.

Torso Uniform

Unfinished oil painting on coarse hessian, of a display case with two (unfinished) figures in the foreground and an abstract blue background.

Unfinished grapple

Sketchbook page with black and blue ink drawings of possible installation format of painted works.

Walls sketch

A digitally manipulated image of a crowd from a football match lighting flares, turning the whole stand into a smokey and fiery red haze. It has been edited to become a repeat pattern.


A blue and white digital drawing with a grainy texture of a facade of a building drawn from a low perspective.

Facade Textile #2

A blue digitally drawn pattern of a brick facade of a building, drawn from a low perspective

Facade textile

Black ink image of a man pushing apart two boulders.

563.91 mi / 529.61 yr

A digitally drawn repeat pattern of 15th century brick buildings and coloured in shades of deep blue.


Black ink line drawing on white paper of two figures wrestling/embracing with a leopard skin dropping form between their bodies to the floor.

Leopard Skin

Black ink line drawing on white paper of a pair of ornate knee high boots with decorative details.

Napoleon's Boots