Nosazemen Agbontaen

Bio: I like telling stories through art


Instagram: @sazlikespace

Collage image of African masquerade, duplicated images of boys doing somersaults, and young girl holding balloon. They are against comic background with comic book words. There are also plants and a plastic wrap covers the whole image.

go where the creativity flows

Vintage of a woman from Central Africa with scarification and a mohwak-like hair, against the Pink Floyd logo which is a triangle against a rainbow.

Experimenting with what could be

Paint splatters

Something Old

Photograph of a hand holding up an empty croissant paper bag with words written in red on it saying "The first time I watched Carrie (1976) I was 7 or 8 I watched it alone in my aunt’s basment I watched it again for the first time today because it could explain something that I couldn’t put in words. Yet.

comfort film and a comfort snack

Image of text messages pasted against on iphone notes page.

Send voicenotes and text messages to self

Image of two women wrestlers opposite one another with fire in between their outstretched hands. An orange spark shoots out from both their heels and the words "women will be women" is above them.

something pulp-ey

an old letter that reads "p.s sorry" many times over, a drawing of a snake with Igbo words underneaths, one of which reads "do you know snakes bite people?" and a screenshot of a conversation with a delete bumble bff account.

path of least resistance

The sailing house

Black background with written text typed in dialogue format.

an internal dialogue

Image of young girl with scarification marks on her lower back and wings on her shoulder blades. She is standing in waves made of blue paint. She is looking towards a painted blue sky with tree branches on the left edge (from George Lambert’s Kirkstall Abbey) and an orange portal radiates before her.

dahomey spring

Photograph of a blue building and a tree, with the words "splash" and a full stop written after.

coming soon

Iphone note against background of a plot of land undergoing construction against a black and white photo of a stomach.

home is a strong word

Image of two young girls smiling while one pulls the other forward to a bright sun-like yellow orb.

access via frontal cortex

Vintage image of two women holding hands while one is looking to a distance the other looks at her. There are animated thought bubbles with one red heart and one black heart. Mirrored images of Sappho and newspaper cutouts decorate the frame of the image. Lyrics of the song Let My Baby Stay by Amandla Stenberg are at the back of the iamges.

Use This Version

Photo of a condo building collage with a cut-out of an eviction notice. Over the top is a piece of tape, purple paper, and a poem that details the experiences from my window.

My Window is a Screen Too

Collage of Kerry Washington and Claire Danes with flower garlands on their heads. The heading at the top reads, "Midsommar Let the festivities begin." In reference to the film "Midsommar" by Ari Aster.

An Alternate Midsommar

the liminal space between the end and beginning

Drawing of a smoking seagull with sunglasses over black and white photo of downtown Vancouver with many tall buildings and a seagull.

Why Are There So Many Seagulls in the City?

Image of a young girl with swirling glasses against paper cut-outs and a taped violet. A postal stamp with a palm tree and two tweet screenshots saying:
"Sometimes your work is to create the exact thing for others that you wish would have been there for you when you needed it."
"believe in yourself. listen to yourself. accept love. accept love, you are not a sin.
recognize yourself in all this noise that our frequencies are used."

Inner Child Looking Glass

Collage of 3 young people jumping in front on the sun with lyrics from Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes.

Like A Blister in the Sun

It's a hot night in Kinshasa, République du Zaïre, and an English disco song is playing. The lyrics and rhythm of the song transcend language and time, and reach the feet, as well as the heart of the discothèque patrons.

A collage made with photos listed:
1. Kinshasa, 1969 . No Credit
2. Abdijan, 1970 by Paul Kodjo
3. A church turned skate park by muuchomas
4. Jacobin Hummingbird by Christian Spencer

Eglise D'amour (Collage gif: