Julie-Ann Simpson

Website: http://www.julie-annsimpson.com/

Instagram: @JASimpsonArt

An ink painting. A line of trees, a forest, in inky splodges against a pink sky. The trees are at the front are also an intense magenta-pink and get darker as they move further into the background.

Pink Landscape

A photograph of an open sketchbook, lying horizontally. On the top page there is a coloured pencil sketch of a white cat amongst green grass. On the bottom, there is a drawing of a woman with bobbed hair, sitting with her arms resting across her thighs. She wears a peach coloured top.

Cat sketch and portrait

A digital sketch. Lines and squiggles of various shades of pink and purple make an abstract pattern across the picture. The forms appear almost like hands reaching out or like foliage.
In the centre of the picture is a white void, like a seated figure but without any details other than a few lines to show the mouth and hands. It is mostly blank. Green lines, like grass, grow on the shape of 'the figure'.

Sketch for a portrait

A close up portrait of a woman. Her hair is pale lilac and there is a shadow cast across the top half of her face. Her eyes are very bright. She is wearing garish turquoise eyeshadow. There is a spiky branch of gorse in front of her face.

Of Gorse

A mixed media painting showing the upper body of a woman in a yellow dress with large, puffed shoulders. She is wearing a wide brimmed hat topped with yellow flowers. She has on bright blue eyeshadow. There are two black flowers at the bottom of the picture.

Hat Lady

A mixed media painting on paper. There is an oval mirror, tilted up slightly to the sky. It is sitting on a hilly landscape. Behind it are dark blue clouds and five trees. The entire landscape is a wet, inky blue. Everything in the picture is highlighted by a bold purple outline. The landscape reflected in the mirror is brighter, more vivid than the rest.

Waiting, Waiting

A painting showing a pale silhouette of a horse, standing looking to the left of the picture. The background is a blend of cloudy black on green, with some stormy violet clouds.
There are long, green blades of grass framing the bottom of the picture.

White Horse

A mixed media painting. In a dimly lit room, a black oval mirror stands on a unit. There is a figure standing looking into the mirror, turned away from the viewer. On a table in the foreground is a jug, a goblet and some candles which give off a green glow, casting a tinted light across the interior.

By Candlelight

A pastel drawing of a dark blue, oval pool, its surface rippling as drops fall into it. In the background there are shapes which resemble hills or forest, in shades of pink. The sky is a pale grey-blue.

Harvesting Rain

A pastel drawing of a rainbow; thin lines of muted, nocturnal shades (green, purple and blue). Behind are spiky plants and shadowy greens.

Night Rainbow

A digital drawing. A mountain landscape where there are two hills, one on the left and one on the right. The hills are covered in dark grass. On the left side, there sits the figure of a nude woman with long black hair that trails to the ground. On the right, there is an oval mirror propped against the rock. The woman's reflection waves at her in the mirror. The background is framed by mossy trees and pink blossoms.

Mountain Mirror

A digital sketch. Pinks and moody plum hues create a cloudy sky in the background. On the left there is a dark, semi-sheer curtain and in the foreground is a bright cerulean bouquet of peonies. Raindrops are falling on them from above.

Still Alive

An oil painting on paper. On a background of dark blues, violet and lavender, there is the shape of a magenta figure reclining.

In the foreground is a bright green plant, overlapping the figure.

A Blur

A drawing on paper, painted green. A female figure is looking off to the left; thick black hair flowing over her shoulders. There is the faint silhouette of a nettle growing from the bottom of the picture frame. Seven yellow flames float around her head, forming a kind of crown.

Candle Crown

Some pale trees and a dark blue hedge are in the background of this drawing. A figure is visible in the foreground of the picture, from the shoulders up, eyes looking outwards - out of the drawing. Behind them there is grass and a few yellow spring flowers.


Lilac painting with a dark purple semi-circle off the right edge of the picture, like a pool. There is a grassy texture in shades of green across the picture. Half in the pool is a green snake.


A close-up portrait painting in gouache with pencil of a person holding a yellow flower over their mouth. The background and the majority of the picture are in dark tones, whilst the upper portion of the face is really bright and has rainbow-tinted light across it.


A mixed media painting depicting a large, glowing green bonfire in the centre. Embers flicker up into a darkened sky and there are figures holding hands in a circle around it, casting shadows.

The Daughters

A painting of a woman against a dark blue background. There is an arched window behind her, showing pale lilac light and blue trees. The figure has on a pink dress and at the bottom of the picture there are pink plants growing. She has her arms raised in surprise or defence against an arrow which is flying towards her.


A painting of a mottled green toad on some grassy ground. In the grey sky above it are three red clouds and a dagger floating in the centre.


A watercolour and gouache painting depicting green flames in the background and in the foreground there is a pink-speckled toad on a table next to a leafy branch and some red berries.

Strange Fire