Fionnuala McGowan


Instagram: @fionnuala_mcg

Abstract image, reminiscent of that dappled and linear patterns you would see on sand underwater. There are some larger black areas that seem shadow-like, along with muted rainbow colours in other areas.

Surface III

Monochrome image of an abstract monoprint on paper that has been folded with deep folds to create dramatic shadows.

Monoprint III

Close up of an accordion folded monochrome monoprint that has a regular pattern of small rectangles of light across every alternating folded face.

Lines of light

Horizontally striped shadows across the floor and across a corner of a zig-zag folded sheet of white paper, which comes into frame from the bottom of the image to a point near the top middle.

Striped Shadows

Close up of a monochrome abstract monoprint that has been folded with zig-zag folds. The folds start at the left side and zig-zag down to the bottom right corner.

Folds II

Black abstract marks on white paper that has been folded with zig zag folds to create deep, dramatic shadows.


Mono-screenprint with abstract marks and textures across the image in various shades of grey and black.

Surface II

Monochrome image of abstract marks and textures created through mono-screenprinting. Some of the textures are almost water-like combined with some rougher brush-like marks.


Close up photograph of crumpled paper coming in to a point from the top left corner of the image. The paper has and abstract grey texture printed on it which is further abstracted by the crumples.

Crumpled Corner

Close up photograph of a section of white, crumpled paper, with deep, dramatic shadows in the crevices.


Black and white marbled monoprint on paper that has been crumpled and then photographed. The image of the textured print covers just over half the photograph diagonally from the bottom left corner to the top middle. The rest of the background is white.

Crumpled Monoprint II

Photograph of a crumpled monoprint on paper. The monoprint is in an abstract image of various textures and marks and the crumples add extra texture.

Crumpled Monoprint

Photograph of diagonal patterns of blue and orange light across a blue-grey background.

Through glass

Abstract blue grey image of blurred stripes of light. The soft edges give it the appearance of being an abstract charcoal drawing or watercolour painting.

Drawing with Light

Abstract image of a square offset inside another square to the top right. The smaller square has consists of warped, vertical stripes in black, white, grey and light blue. There are also a few warped stripes to the very left side of the bigger square.


Monochrome image of linear shadows diagonally across paper that has been folded to create diagonal pleats going the opposite direction to the shadows.

Geometric Shadows

Abstract monochrome image. The background is black and there are white and dark grey, wavy stripes filling most of the square, offset to the bottom right.


Monochrome abstract image where the highlights of light reflecting on wrinkled clear plastic have obscured the abstract, geometric image underneath.


Photograph of an abstract pattern of black, white and grey ink that has been blended across a screen-printing screen in a slight zig zag pattern. The  screen is at a 45degree angle and the corners of it are cropped out of the photograph.