Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu

Bio: Big-time maker of things.

Website: https://yadichinma-bbhb.format.com/

Instagram: @yadichinma

I used myheritage.com to animate old photos, this is me at 6/7/8 years old

My Heritage Dot Com

A comic about contagious yawning, made with ink on tracing paper.


A fully made up (aka face beat) Nigerian girl, with emoji tears running down her face, with the words “the world is sometimes too cruel to be cool.”

face beat, heart beat, beat beat

An iPhone Note with nothing but ellipsis.

Sorry, I forgot what I was going to say

The panik meme melting

Panik x Melt

My left hand traced onto a catalogue by artist Liao Fei.

Permutation Generation 5&6 + Hand Tracing

Two alien cows laser attack invader planets.

🐮 💥🌑 🥛

It’s my sister in a pose I really like, neon pink and green lights behind her, half the sun is in the foreground.


Someone is having a restful time on the Atlantic ocean.

mmh the water is so bluuue

Today’s sketchbook entry in the morning’s light.

Today’s Drawing

Me in emoji land

Moji Land

It’s a bread scale, we have - baguette, a slice of bread, two short bread fingers, brioche, pita bread, pizza bread...

Short Bread

feet up in the air, stop motion

feet up in the air

A multicolored vase drawn in my daily sketchbook.

Sunday Sketchbook Entry - Happy Easter

A distorted image of a cropped belly, the belly button is replace me with a black hole.  The words “my belly button is a black hole” is written across the image.


A girl rotates in a golden frame, she is multiplied, running after herself and time, the backdrop is the blue sky and clouds and water droplets.

Cycling through the times

It’s a collaged image of a woman in the nude, her back turned and her figure layered on top of a patch of skin, above her are three objects, a rock, a piece of paper and a distorted pair of scissors. Water rises halfway through the image and the background is pitch black.

Rock Paper Scissors