Poppy Woods

A sculpture


Sometimes we stay up till 3

Work days

In this area

No food or drink

The view

Work days

Things on the windowsill

On the windowsill

Pink on pink on pink.



Today I would have collaged the trees.

Today I would have collaged the trees

Today the sun was out but I was not

I’m a mammal

Photo of a mammal

I’m a mammal!

A cut out word poem on theological meaning.

Look for the rainbow


Home at home

Reflections in the top window of a flat.

Another window

Cut out poem on watercolour background.

named after the special theo-

Collage of Brockwell Lido

Lido view

A photograph of an online dating reply - wow so subversive and edgy followed by the senders profile, a photo of him with small rabbits.

Subversive and edgy

Child Brides

A photograph of my sister standing on a rock in a pool surrounded by lillies.


1 in 4 people    Twenty somethings
profits from patriarchy and someone’s insecurity
dicks boners,
bright eyed stoners, 
Loners, linguistic specialists,
Live their lives, get drunk,
These future pacifists of future wars

Assaulted by domestic 
silly dream
she whispered softly ‘Stay with me, 
Come on, Let’s get a drink I’m parched
into her mind
And yet, tonight,
we drink and sit,
tongue’s rusty,
lust, (Mind),
the latter, along with general negativity, It is glorious to be alive.


Tiny Flecks of Red.

The case of the disappearing oblong