Idan Levy

Instagram: @idanlevy

A photo consisting of three images. Two monochromatic ones in whom one sees a hand holding a light source on an apple located on a window sill and in the other a still life of pomegranates wrapped in cling film. The photo in the middle, in color, shows a hand holding a light source on a still life of pomegranate fruit in various stages of decay.


A photograph of a pistachio with its peel sunk in a lump of yellow butter

Love Me Like You Do

White square on white


GIF animated loop of the word hug handwritten in pencil on a white background


An animated gif loop of an elongated object with black contours that rotates on its axis and is multiplied in different places within the frame on a white background

True Colors

Gif loop animation. A black background in the center of which appears and disappears an element that revolves around itself


Color photograph of white rock and greenish water. The water and rock border crosses the middle of the image. A text is added that say: interval on top of the picture and Rahaf river Dead Sea at the bottom.

Come Away With Me

GIF, animated loop of Drawing of an African mask in several layers. The word Dahomey is listed on the bottom left


GIF loop animation. A drawing of a man floating in the air, looking calm, against a white background. Blue paint stains run over part of the drawing from bottom to top

I Don't Like It, I Don't Hate

GIF loop animation. A fairy figure in gray drawing lines on a black background, rising and then descending behind square windows some of which changes colors and thereby also the color of her drawing lines.

I Drove All Night

GIF loop animation. A drawing of a male dancing, his hands sliced to the sides looking sideways towards the legs. Stripes of varying colors run across his body.

When Can I See You Again?

GIF loop animation. Black lines and dots that flicker on a white background and gather into a dark spot and then 1 sec video footage is played reverse 'of a shark opening its mouth out of the water

Sous l'eau

Gif loop animation of a sequence of one line and one point that appear at a uniform rate in the center of the frame on a white background like a Morse broadcast

Into My Arms

Animated GIF Loop. Against a black background there is a bubble of  the WhatsApp message of green color. Inside is a video of a night ride on an empty road. Laying above it in transparency is a drawing animation of a hand, working with a computer mouse. The animation transcends the bubble into the black background. At the bottom of the bubble are two Check marks and the time is 22:22


An animated GIF composed of 6 stages of a Fried Egg In a black pan dotted with white. The yolk of the egg and the protein are cooked, almost burnt and the in last stage the omelet is placed on a reddish floral plate. The background is in a WhatsApp green text bubble