Emma Hof Kenntoft

Bio: I make sculptures and masks, installations, drawings and jewellery amongst other things.

Instagram: @emmahofkenntoft_art

2 drawings of a bottle of hand sanitiser

Have you sanitised your hands

Sketch/drawing of a cluster of berries, sketched in filter tip pens, green, brown and orange

Untitled, unfinished

Dog violets on white paper

Dog violet

A spider on a leaf


Drawing of an ear with a green background

Listen, can you hear me

Self portrait in profile

Croissant head

Feet of a seagull


3 frogs


Birds and abstract

Mess not finished

Building a nest

Building a nest

A drawing of a broccoli


An onion


Face with wood cuttings covering eyes

Bug eyes

4 drawings: A lion’s head, a bird, a person and a lion

80s lion and more

Blue and white stripy crab-like creature with yellow background

Extremely rare

Plants in beer cans hanging in window


Plants in beer cans

Grow bigger and stronger

A wood cutting made into a bracelet, held in hand, leather cord wrapped around fingers


Several wood cuttings placed on a piece of A4 sized cardboard

Woodn’t it be nice

Two colourful owls holding hands

All you need is love

A colourful bear, with diamond shaped pattern on its face, and very sharp teeth, with its arms resting on a purple and white stripy table. The background has blue and with stripes.

The waiting is the hardest part

A drawing of an owl, with green feathers and red eyes, standing still, looking tired.

Slow day, again