Elaine Turnbull

Website: https://elaineturnbull.co.uk/

Instagram: @elaineaturnbull

A simple ink and wash drawing on white paper of a figure leaning over slightly to the right and holding  a plastic carrier bag.

Man With A Carrier Bag

A painting of a girl sitting reading in front of a house. She is wearing a purple skirt. The background is painted in orange, pink, green and yellow. There is a tree on the right side of the painting.

Eleanor In A Purple Silk Skirt

Detail of a painting in a contemporary style, showing a figure walking in the landscape. The colours are lemon yellow, lilacs , greys and pinks. The figure is painted in black line and there is a wind blown tree in black to the left of the figure

Went Out Walking Today Instead

The front page of a catalogue showing a landscape painting in expressive style, with sea, mountains and a small white boat in the foreground. A white strip along the top shows the wording Elaine Turnbull. A white strip along the bottom shows the wording Cill Rialaig and the Skelligs

Front Page


A line drawing in black ink on white paper of a figure pushing a pram with a baby asleep inside

Keeping The Baby Asleep

An ink drawing on white paper showing two figures on a rock. The figure on the left is squatting down. The figure on the right is crouched over the figure on the left. The rock is coloured in blue crayon

Last Drawing Of The Day

A photograph of a white wall with three pieces of paper on it. The largest has the words, space and sacrifice written on it. The two smaller pieces of work are colourful paintings. An arrow in red points to the large piece of paper and has the words, what I need to remember tomorrow written below it.

Studio To Do List

An oil painting of a figure on a swing. The figure is a simple painted line in bluey purple and takes up a good part of the left of the image. The background is painted in pale greeny yellow and blue/purple. There is a house painted in bright yellow in the mid ground, surrounded by darker abstract shapes indicating a garden boundry.

The Swing

A photograph showing two paintings next to each other. The painting on the left is a landscape with a house in the middle. The painting on the right is a landscape with a group of houses in it. There are speech bubbles drawn on each painting, pointing towards the houses who are having a conversation with each other.

Two Paintings Having A Dialogue

A photograph of an oil painting in dark brown and lighter blue with a house painted in line only in black. The photograph has been added to with digital brush marks in bright red and yellow.

Digital Markmaking

An ink and Acrylic drawing on white paper, in an expressive style. It shows three pots painted in bold black outline. The one on the left is coloured in a terracotta wash. The middle one has horizontal, bold stripes. The jug on the right has vertical black stripes. There are seedlings drawn in bold outline in each pot. There is a bold black line running horizontally under the pots.

Seedlings On The Kitchen Windowsill

A simple black line monoprint onto white paper of a standing figure with a dog on a lead.

Three minute monoprint

A mixed media painting on canvas, showing two figures . The large figure on the right takes up the full height of the canvas. He is wearing pale blue shorts and his head is partly cropped bythe top edge of the canvas. He is using a hand held mobile phone. The figure on the bottom left is a girl wearing a pink spotted dress. The background is pale blue and quite textural with brush marks. There is a narrow yellow strip running from top to bottom of the canvas on the right hand side.

Generation Alpha

A photograph of a car window, with two ink drawings of cows and a painting of cows on the inside of the window.

Cows on the Move

A painting in acrylic and pencil depicting figures on a beach. The background is yellow. To the left are 2 reclining figures sunbathing, a striped beach towel and a blue and white umbrella. To the right is a standing figure holding a mobile phone. The head is cropped off. Beside this figure is a girl in  a pink dress. This figure is painted from the waist up.

People Watching

A rectangular landscape painting in a contemporary style, using bright colours - oranges, dark reds, light purple. Subject matter is a figure of a tree surgeon in the branch of a tree in the foreground, with a windswept tree, garden gate and house roof showing above a garden hedge in the background.

Tree Surgeon In The Garden

A photograph of six ink and wash drawings in black and white, laid out on the floor. The drawings are of a tree surgeon making different shapes with his body in a tree.

The Tree Surgeon

A photograph of a tray of baked currant buns

Feeding The Creativity

A painting in oil and Acrylic, abstract style, showing dark green boundary hedges against a dusky pink foreground and a pale lemony green background. There is a splash of purple in the foreground, against the pink

Our Windswept Garden

An ink drawing on watercolour paper which has been folded into 3 and is now freestanding, not flat.

Concertina Drawing