Laura McGlinchey

Painter jumpsuit on chair

Sitting down

a photograph of a dry solid paint crust that had formed inside an old paint can. I chipped it out by distorting the mouth of the can and shimmied the crust out.

the paint I chipped out

A picture of my hand covered in dirt from assembling an installation made of paper.

I build for you

A bag of shredded paper from my last major project which was an installation made from all the posters advertising the gigs and events for 2020 that were eventually cancelled. I made it more commercial by putting a price tag of £10 on it.


Shadows on my bedroom wall

Shows on my bedroom wall

site specific work made from rubbish collected from surrounding area. people viewing the work at the exhibition opening. it was February so very dark and we lit the work with car headlights.

Exhibition across from the Car Wash

'Go for a bath, and have an early night'

plastic waste ironed together to make a curtain and then displayed in the window and backlight to illuminate the colours.

trash glass

painting made from shaving foam and yellow red and blue food colouring

Shaving foam

a behind the scenes look into the struggle that is artist statements and bios and answering questions about my work that should be easy but have me questioning the value in my perspective.

Can't put it into words

Plastic waste of several different varieties to find the most painterly.

Searching the most painterly of plastic waste

I use this iron to fuse together plastic waste to make large scale layered paint-skin like curtains

360 non-stick iron

photographs of the perfect avocado and beetroot juice from breakfast made into an abstract pattern

'Breakfast composition, on the grid'

Elaborate collar made from shredded posters, intended to advertise the gigs and events that were inevitably cancelled due to the pandemic. Accompanied by paint crust on plastic bag hat-brooch. Once trash, now, fashioned into wonderfully impractical accessories.

shred collar