Craig Stevenson

Bio: Scottish commercial and portrait photographer based in Paris. Since qualifying as a lawyer and moving to London in 2007 from Glasgow, I have developed his photography portfolio; focussing on social and documentary work. As an active member of the Shoreditch group of London Independent Photography and having founded East London photography collective, LDNtwentyfour7, I have curated exhibitions and showcased his work in both Paris, Glasgow and London.


Instagram: @craigrstevenson

Male in white shirt, wearing white surgical mask on a balcony in Stalingrad, Paris

Mask for Masc - V

Man wearing hygienic mask in Paris street.

Mask for masc - IV

Man wearing burgundy t-shirt and blue surgical mask on appartment balcony in Stalingrad, Paris

Mask for Masc - III

Turkish male model and dancer wearing knitted jumper and black protective masks in large meadow in the middle of Bois de Vincennes in Paris.

Mask for Masc - II

Male in smart navy jacket and brown chelsea boots standing in from of mirrored spherical IMAX cinema in Parc de la Vilette, Paris.

Mask for Masc - I