Zoe Everett

Website: https://zoeeverett.cargo.site/

Instagram: @eve_cult

Image shows a lino print in black block ink which is a non-geometric knotting of different a strands in looping fashion

participatory consent

small watercolour which is rolled up to form a tube


watercolour painting on a small piece of textured paper which shows a small bird with an enlarged wing behind it

bird wing

today in my mind i made a small watercolour drawing which i cut out and rolled up to make a tube. the rolled-up watercolour would have formed a small thumb puppet. a mobiliary object in devotion to safety for those i care for

things rolled up

A small watercolour drawing of a sepia and squashed vase lays on a folded rectangle to tissue paper

banana peel

photograph of a hand holding a small banana

banana collab

Four lino prints in black ink showing an arched window with a view of a mountain

window lino

a cardboard skyscraper with a charcoal grid drawn on each side to represent the windows. several pieces of cardboard are angled in front to look like walls and pathways

homeward built

Three monochrome rectangular clay tiles laid out side by side. The left one has a shoulder joint carved into it. The middle one is coated in charcoal. The end one is part covered by pencil hatching marks.

each of my cells are growing hot 5

handholds carved in a piece of square corrugated cardboard held above the wooden floor

hand holding

Rectangular clay tile with pencil markings in vertical columns which form a pattern on the surface

each of my cells are growing hot 4

A solid clay arch attached to a clay rectangle is fit into a piece of extra-thick (3cm) corrugated cardboard which is cut into a rough oval shape.

vessel maquette

Two twisted shapes a placed into a rectangular piece of dense, corrugated cardboard (about 2cm thick). The shapes are held upright via tension in semi-symmetrical, oppositional curves. The cardboard has a random pattern of circular holes.

support mobiliary

Image of a clay tile in the middle of a rectangular frame. The tile shows an irregular vaguely circular shape which is painted in grey and a rusty, oxidised colour, it has small scratches on this area but is smooth compared to the outside which has been carved away. The tile is placed on a folded piece of tissue paper and a hand is next to the tile with the bottom corner fitting into the L-Shape formed by the hand. Around the outside are a collection of images of portable artworks from the palaeolithic period.

each of my cells are growing hot 3 (with research)

The image is of an unpainted, rectangular clay tile with a shoulder carved into it. The arm stops just after the shoulder socket and the interior of the arm is visible, showing carving marks.

each of my cells are growing hot 2

The image is of a greco-roman temple on a rectangular tile that has been painted in pale lime green. Several lines have been scored in the surface. The tile is held by a fingertips at each short end of the rectangle and it is against a digital background which uses a rock texture.

each of my cells are growing hot 1

Three ruin like sculptures made out of air-dry clay and painted a warm grey. They are positioned at an angle facing in towards the centre of the rectangular frame, the lighting is harsh and each object casts a shadow at a 45-degree angle, which positions the shadow horizontally. The three objects are arranged to form the idea of old walls as if the connections in between have crumbled but the edges remain.

mobiliary built