Theo Dye

ingrate's anthem


Charcoal drawings on the ground, of a sombre looking sun, a mouth with sharp teeth, and a person's face

Plagiarising my flatmates

Art-related admin is applying for job that allows me to focus more on art

Photo of me taken in a mirror with a yellow t-shirt on top of a long white robe. The yellow t shirt has 3 yellow post-it's with crosses on them over my nipples and belly button, and one with the word "stupido" on it over my shoulder

Today i helped my friend with her art

a star am born

blood ears

Single right now (Tami T cover)

Words cut from newspapers  sayinf
It wasnt all control
Spirit - once synonymous with more than just each other's behaviour - postponed thrill from last sacrifice. As her superpower, shot dead pretty much from birth, is not yet known  to ministers
Make a positive impact on on on on on on on on on output the invisible and the  non existent money

It wasn't *all* control


Little to settle


wish recipe

Collage of green images with collaged words from magazines saying "timing is the constant garden of beauty where i trespass to be with you"


future gouging

A small piece of paper saying  "Today i am refusing to try, again, because i just want to read my book. Currently listening to still life (talking), it's kinda cheesy but pretty great. I'll'st've be back though probably" with a drawing of a heart

Minimal and apologetic

Brief line drawing of 2 people on horseback seen from behind

Red, dead

A happy and kinda goofy looking dinosaur is filled with the words death from outer space and surrounded by a bit of green and blue shading that is quite hard to see in this photo.

Death from outer space

Lined aheet of paper where the light between the shadows given off by the lampshade, which is kind of in that wicker pattern, has been shaded in with pencil


Bad drawing of cyclops with big nose saying "the world is my diary bro" and "kinda of embarassing to have ppl looking at it all the time tbh" surrounded by lines and the words emotional lumberjack, GET YOUR DICK OUT OF MY FEELINGS, and borderline. A cup on a string  pointing towards them says "i got making a list abd checking down"

Diary is art