Theresa Bruno

Bio: ♀️ (She/Her) ☸ 🏳️‍🌈 🇬🇧🇵🇱 Project aim: To take something out of the recycling bin every day and use to respond to brief.


Instagram: @tee_bruno

A photograph of a stack of books which is my current reading list. 
Re-materialising feminism 
WACK! Art and the feminist revolution 
Body proxy 
Image archive by Ulrike Ottinger 
Feminist theory and the body: a reader 
Visual and other pleasures 
Media, Gender, and Identity an introduction 
Women, art and society
Gender trouble 
The book of the city of ladies 
Orlando dvd (artificial eye)

Female art history + ♡Self metta♡

Photo of 2 paracetamol in an open hand.

Sick day - 我头疼

A upside down hanging balloon covered in papier mache.

Papier Mache Balloon

4 photos of recycled rubbish organised into new filing system in studio. 1 photo of paper and little card pieces in a drawer, larger cardboard behind screen, clear plastics in orange sainsburys bag, misc materials in big brown paper bag

Developed new recycled materials filing system in studio

Photo of yesterdays work rephotographed using 'Frame Yourself' snapchat filter. 
The filter zooms into the original photo and creates a smaller cropped colour version, and the outside of the image has a black and white version.

Frame Yourself filter on Snapchat (this is so awful but I dont have time to think today)

Approx 300 hole punched circles of Felix cat food pouch. Circles arranged in colour order with yellow on the top, white on the right, black on the bottom left and blue on the bottom right hand side.

Felix hole punched cat food pouch chicken flavour -(waiting for BF to cook tea)

Yellow post it note with GONE FISHING written in black capital letters on floating white background

Having a day off, See you tomorrow

Photo of 2 pizza box boards with a red tangerine net that has been stretched onto a cross stitch net resting on it. Words Pizza Box Drawing OR Tangerine Net Cross Stitch written in red on the top. Everything laying on grey carpet

Pizza box drawing/painting OR Tangerine net cross stitch

Approximately 150 gold cardboard circles cut out of Lidl Deluxe Easter Egg packaging. I used a soya milk carton top as a stencil to make perfect circles.

Hello Worlds (soya milk top cut outs from Lidl Deluxe Easter Egg Packaging)

2 drawings. Top drawing on grey cardboard with code written in black blue and green biro. The code is famous for being one of the first things you learn when you learn programming. 
The second drawing below it is black marker and green highlighter drawing of a digital screen which reads Hello World in the font that is would appear on screen when the code is run.

Hello World Code Drawing

Image of work made for 30/30 on day 7 - Plastic patchwork (envelope windows, sweet cabbage packaging bag, jaffa cake wrapper, tortilla packaging), the patchwork was cellotaped onto a window with a garden view outside. The photo of the original work has had a pair of black KAWS eyes photoshopped onto it towards the top of the patchwork to look like eyes. The work is for sale for one day only at $400.

ONE DAY SALE $400 (Stick a pair of KAWS eyes on it)

A cardboard house model made out of cardboard using a YouTube video. 15 by 13 centimetres squared

Cardboard House Model Making (YouTube video)

Ferrero Rocher gold packaging with acrylic eyes painted into the holes. There are 15 holes and the eyes are painted blue with black pupils.

Ferrero Rocher eyes + adding [image des] pledge

Allergy advice ingredients cut out of food packaging to make a list. Ingredients include whole egg, dried whole egg, soya, wheat, malted wheat extract, yogurt, may contain nuts, free from dairy and gluten, mozzarella cheese, rehydrated egg, hard fat cheese, milk minerals, cream, yolk, whipping cream, wheat semolina

Allergy advice still life

A see through plastic patchwork. Made out of envelope windows, sweet cabbage wrapping, jaffa cake packaging and tortilla wrap packaging. Patches are cello taped together. Patchwork cellotaped to window

Plastic patchwork (envelope windows, sweet cabbage bag, jaffa cake wrapper, tortilla packaging)

6 drawings of Sports Direct Accessories, Truck slippers, Giant mug, Giant Calculator, Extension Cable, Paddling Pool, Truck Toy all of which were gifted between my boyfriend and I as hideous presents.

Happy Birthday/ Merry Christmas Darling

Four images of various red blue pink and white left over bits of plastic from the 3D printer. A big mix of different shapes and sizes. All thrown into different forms.

Plastic waste leftover from 3D prints, thrown into chance formations

A collection of cardboard boxes, papers and envelopes flattened and prepared to be used for future briefs later in the month.

Recycle bin sourced boxes and paper flattened/prepared to use in future 30/30 briefs.

Shredded Wheat Packaging Cat Toy Ball

doesn't work!

A Sacred Lockdown Takeaway