Amelia Johnson


Instagram: @meelworm

A photograph of a sculpture, to the right is a handwritten note which reads "I made this" with an arrow pointing towards the sculpture. The words 'The Fact' with an arrowing pointing down to the sculpture's head is edited on to the photo, on the right below the hand-written note also has the words 'The Evidence' edited on, an arrow directs the words to the note.

A document is considered to be evidence in support of a fact

photograph of sketchbook pages with pencil drawings of the devil

Devil Drawing

a photograph of a sculpture of Boris Johnson dressed as a clown, holding a pint in his right had and thumbs up on his left hand. He also has sunglasses on his head.

The path of least resistance is the one to the pub

a photograph taken from an arial view of two women lying side by side on grass, both have a cartoon mask with big ears, one is smiling and one is sad.

Double Trouble

a photo of two women, wearing masks. one on the left has a sad face cartoon style mask and the and the right woman is wearing a happy comedy mask.

Comedy & Tragedy Collaboration

a photo of a fake vogue cover, with a sculpture of Boris Johnson dressed as a clown on it.

Love, fame and life in the conservative lane

A photograph of a large cartoon paper mâché head sat on top of a sage coloured Wendy house.

Fuck Temple, the Body is your Home

a black and white photograph of two figures sat on a sofa wearing masks. the figure on the left is grinning, like the masks of comedy and the figure on the right is sorrowful like the mask of tragedy.

making art vs. thinking about new ways to get it out there during a pandemic

a photograph of a sheep and it's lamb lying in a field, both the sheep have graphic cartoon style speech bubbles above their heads.

Feedback Sheep

a photo of a window centre frame. a piece of paper is stuck in the centre of the window which has the word 'opportunity' printed on it.

The Window of...

Collage depicting crying woman in bed on laptop holding a cup of tea

Eat, Sleep, Sob

photo of a small deckchair made out of paper and sellotape

Dreaded Deckchair

a photograph of a book and some handwritten notes

U6 Research

arial view photograph of girl on left lying in bed, arm stretched out holding four sculptures of women.

Functional Friends