Sally Slap Cabbage

A journal page covered with a v8 gage crochet pattern.  Covered in inked circles in tones of yellow green blue and fiduciary highlighted in black charcoal and white paint.

Life in a bubble

A dot mandala using two shades of pink, aqua and gold

Waiting for the pizza dough to prove.

A small journal page with dark blue background to represent deep water and a purple translucent jellyfish highlighted in white to give it dimension.


Having started at The beginning, tweaked a bit and laid down some colour to create The Middle it’s time to continue to The End.   More colour, shading, pen work and the obligatory bling should bring things to a satisfactory conclusion.

I would make The End.

Yesterday’s two page art journal painted in shades of blue to represent sky and water.  The sketch has been and gesso’d bird has been tweaked to have a shorter and wider neck.   Work has now started to put colour down, the beak is black and the neck shades of pink and the feathers are three shades of pink, neon pink and neon orange.

The Beginning (revisited and tweaked) and now The Middle

A double journal page painted in shades of blue to represent sky and water with the outline of a bird, possibly a flamingo, possibly a swan.

The beginning

Two hands showing two sides of a ceramic mug.  One side has running shoes with the words running wankers and the other a watercolour image of a father and daughter sitting with their backs to us.

Sublimation to order

Art journal page.  Blue background with a birdhouse mounted on a pole.  Everything covered with creeping pink flowers and a heart on the house.

Home is where your nest is

A small journal page depicting a girls face

My work is only on display to my most fierce critic... ME

A water coloured doodle in bright and fluorescent colours mounted in coordinating card.

Try framing it with a mount she said, you’ll feel better about it she said.......... Nope!

A white ceramic heart sublimated with the words “Be strong because things will get better; It may be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.”  Threaded with glass hearts and beads in pink and  white and hung in my craft room window.

Be strong

A journal page with inked in war and cool colours to create a vi rant background. Water spritzed though a stencil. To create a ghosting effect.  Stamped and outlined face with a headdress of hand drawn flowers and leaf covered vines.   Finished off with lots of gold ink and paint.

Colours and bling

A double art journal page painted black.  Decorated using a branch stencil, inked flowers and small blossoms in pinks, blues, and mauves.


A Screenshot of my Pinterest search for collage houses.

Pinterest for collage houses

Kraft Art journal page covered in old book and music pages, lightly gessoed in white.  Using a Tracy Scott Mask fem left to right diagonally with blue Ranger ink create a design.   Stamped petals on painted card to create a flower and a hand made flourish to enhance.

I just wanna make nice things

An art journal page with a fa e of a girl and rainbow hair, decorated with black and white pen.


Repetitive stamped pattern on a Kraft background in black in, coloured in with various shades of mauves and purples. Highlighted in white pen and embellished with liquid chrome.

Repetitive patterns for relaxation