Eccles Mars

A textured, inked and stamped yellow/pink/green/blue background with 5 crudely created flowers and Progress in alphas attached.
My responsibility is only to myself. As long as I enjoy making my work and can see an improvement that is all that matters to me


Torn artwork in a cast iron fire pit burning rapidly. Caption reads  "I don't deal with "Advice" well.

Please DON'T

A mixed media canvas. The background was started years ago and finished today

Bad Hair Day

A big pile of pieces I have made using metal clay, resin, pewter, beads inks, paints and other mediums which should make nice jewellery if I can just have the confidence enough to actually do something with them! I love making "bits" then they get consigned to a box and forgotten about.

Make Fewer Bits, and More Pieces

An inked splattered, melted way, stencilled background of messiness with the Brief for today in a spiral added on top.

Today I just messed and investigated

Rainbow coloured ink splattered on a canvas

Exploded Rainbow

A small pewter piece created by dropping molten pewter onto a bundle of spaghetti.

The Path of Least Resistance

I plan to use this background to document the story of the TV going up in smoke on July 30 1966

A Work in Progress

A metal parrot coloured with inks and paints and wearing a very grumpy expression.

Angry Bird Part Deux

Geometric Parrot with a grumpy look, made from foil covered card, coloured with alcohol inks. I collaborated with my good friend and muse Mr Pinterest.

Roger the Grumpy Parrot

A clay planter painted and decorated with boobies, for my daughter's new house. Finished off with a cactus that resembles Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons

Sideshow Boob

Washi tape house overstamped with flowers and black cat on the roof. Background is a vivid  sunset sky

This Ol' House

Collage of letters from mailshots spelling out "I Create For Me" with a sign hanging from the a reading My Art is Not a Spectator Sport.
I make things for me and only me. I am deeply lacking in confidence due to being kicked out of art class at school for not being good enough. I love to make, so I make to please me alone.

I Create For Me

"Don't leave those outside, he said, they will go rusty".
"Good" I replied.
A collage of rust, real and created. I love rust.


A fluffy raincloud made from air dry clay with sea glass raindrops dangling below.

A rainy day

I don't buy a quarter of Cherry Lips......I buy 2.5kg at a time. I made a cherry lips heart on a white canvas base. So tasty.

A moment on the lips...

Playing with sea glass. A "Home Tweet Home" canvas featuring two love birds on a twig near their Bird box.

Home Tweet Home

I researched a tutorial on simple dot mandalas. Sadly the combination of repetition, neatness and fine motor skills  involved proved that I can add this to the long list of arty stuff that is not for me.

Repetition Kills Me

I inked and coloured my tyvek then used my heat tool to melt it. This will in turn become a tool to create a future piece of art.


I love messing about with inks, paints, stamping and texture, so creating the background was a lot of fun. I edited the cat photo into black and white apart from his gorgeous blue eyes and printed it onto canvas, mounted it on wood veneer and distressed sacking

This Cat

Altered art tin which once held chocolate painted in textured shades of blues and purples and embellished with coloured and glittered butterflies and the word Fly.