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A picture of a shiny black marine animal, almost like a whale emerging from a hole in the purple/blue water. Various explosions of colour frame this.


A picture of stone pillars with a dark hole in the middle. Two smaller and two bigger shapes make up the shape of a chromosome in white line.




A photo of three items. A heavily used black candle. A black stone flower shaped incense holder with two sticks forming an arch shape. A box of Po Chai Pills that is shining in bright coral and pink.

faux chai

A distorted grid of a large metropolitan city taken from the video game Cyberpunk 2077. It is heavily edited with blue, purple and orange details. The design is fairly hectic but it evokes an energised feeling.




Koni und Koni

Private and Confidential 2.0

A heavily edited picture of a small rock formation by the sea. The water is clear and shiny and the rocks house multiple cacti and succulents. The colours are distorted with green and orange being the main hues.


A photo of a rock formation with a rectangular opening in the middle, through which one can see the grey sky. The stones that are visible have a blue hue to them and the whole image is cool toned.


A concrete spherical tank on a hill overlooking a small city in northern Greece. There is a black hole in the middle of the tank and a black liquid like mass is emerging from within it. The scenery is quite gloomy.


A white ceramic tile painted with multiple pastel hues, mainly blues, greens, purples and yellows. The design is highly abstract with multiple splashes of colour on the tile. Five blobs of purple are surrounded by cyan and green swirling tentacles. The tile is fully painted with very little blank space left.

egg 2.0


A newspaper clipping of “The Bussy Report” from Saturday, January 28, 1995, titled “So sad and yet so sexy”. The text reads: Hey, sorry yeah i know, im in a very sort of sad and meh kinda phase,i dont have anything to look forward to and thats making me feel a bit hollow. That also makes me feel not sexual at all, im a waste of prep literally, i just dont wanna be touched by anyone tbh and im
In a bit of an isolating mood. You havent done anything wrong and i actually rly like you which is rare, its more like im not capable of anything right now and id hate to lead you on. Text continues...



A picture of an orange chef’s knife with a wooden handle in a green to purple gradient background. The edge of the knife is blackened and dripping a shiny black liquid. The knife is pointing downwards towards the left side of the image.



Private & Confidential