Jazz the Alchemist Dixon

Bio: Warm glass artist, working in all aspects of warm glass from fusing and slumping, to casting and stained glass painting. My work is inspired by the very nature of the material, the manipulation of light and colour and the beauty I see within the natural world.

Website: https://www.jazzthealchemist.co.uk/

Instagram: @jazzthealchemist

A row of colourful fused glass flowers of different styles,  arranged in rainbow colours starting with red, and moving through orange,  yellow,  green,  blue, violet and pink. Set against green foliage

Floral rainbow

Diary entry for today with haircut in large letters

Today's the day....

The laptop sits closed, with a green planner, pen and paper piled on top of the laptop


It totally black. A photo taken in the dark

In the dark

Pink ripples of bubble bath, swirling pattern created by running a bath

My bath

Two pencil drawings of a phoenix,  1 is struggling,  the other is strong and hopeful. Maybe I will get to realise these in glass?

Ideas for the next project???

Drawing of my design for a birdbath. My work takes time to develop,  so the mold is made and drying,  the glass is fused, the design is drawn, so now it is a question of waiting.....

Design for birdbath

A large plaster mold

Mold making

Freshly baked cake, surrounded with cake package, icing and fondent

Baking mix

A large fused glass sunflower bowl with brown centre and variety of yellow glass outer petals,  and a smaller sunflower bowl,  more commercial as smaller,  less glass so cheaper to purchase

Big Sunflower, little Sunflower 🌻

This is my dining room. It is a cluttered muddle of work,  my daughters college work and me trying to run a home. The shelves are full of my glass work

Home working

A large fusedglass vase in shades of orange,  yellow and Amber, with a large bunch of Sunflowers displayed within the vase

Sunny yellow vase

A clear glass sculpture created from lots of small pieces of glass that created lots of texture like bubbles within the glass,  shaped like a ripple of water, with the question of what sort of base

Splash sculpture

A colourful fusedglass lampshade,  it has colourful spots and this design is mirrored on the white wall with colourful spots up the wall and a matched coat rack

Light, a window into my home

A rack of rainbow ordered sheets of glass

Pretty colours

A teasel head impressed in to amber glass. The glass is curved and free standing.  The impression alters the light flow. I have struggled to like this piece and it has been hidden away but in the right setting,  it is has a beauty


A photo of me,  the artist,  sitting in my studio,  a place where I create but also where I come to just sit and think,  play with thoughts and ideas, research different techniques,  to be me......

My thinking space

Large tubs containing fine crushed glass,  called frit. Two metal cylinders in which the glass is pounded and crushed,  and sifts to sort the glass

Frit machine

Rainbow iridescent glass with a relief design of the head and shoulders of a fox, looking slightly downwards

Good night Mr Fox

Green swirl glass cooker splash back,  with a matching green glass worktop saver, a green glass bowl and 4 matching coasters

Working kitchen