Not a Proper Artist

Bio: An artist once told me I wasn't a "proper artist" like them, I found it funny so I embraced it. Anyway, what is a "proper artist"?

Instagram: @notaproperartist

Typographic piece saying "today i pretty much forgot about this project and got on with other stuff."


Typographic piece of the words "If I let the world stop telling me how to live, then WHO am I supposed to be?" with the face of a character peering through the shapes of the letters of the word "WHO"


A low quality scan/print of a drawing with words saying "This work feels empty, and so do I" surrounding a simple drawing of a human figure with a hole where it's heart would be


A typographic piece with the words "A description of what I would make:" in small text above the word "ART" which is above the words "you know... like... proper art and that"

Art and that

Dice stacked up like a cairn with the words "THIS IS A COPY. I'm sure Walter Benjamin would have something interesting to say about this" over it.

This is a copy

A photocopy type image of a variety of die used to play tabletop RPGs stacked on top of each other like a cairn

Dice Cairn

My username/handle/pseudonym but this time with a question mark. Asking myself, am I really NOT a proper artist... what if I really am one?

Not a Proper Artist?

Animated GIF of a computer dialog box saying "Your past is sending you a friend request" and the cursor moving back and forth between "Accept?" and "reject?"

Friend Request

A doodle of three people, one of whom is asking "is this art?" and then referencing Hedley Lamarr by saying "why am i asking you?"

Is this art?

Animated GIF of a bad drawing of a t-shirt bearing the words "I asked for feedback and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"


Animated GIF of a computer progress bar attempting to load my creativity, failing, and having to reboot


A distorted animated GIF of low-resolution scans from magazines, creating an imagined discussion between my secret pleasures persuading me to indulge them and not feel shame about myself anymore.

Only Pleasure, No Guilt

Distorted animated GIF of realisations of creative struggle taken from my journals during my third year of study in Fine Art 10 years ago.

Decade Old Realisations of Creative Struggle

Distorted animated GIF of self-portraits with the words "I chose to research my past to find my future"


A distorted animated GIF of the words "A Tool for Making Art" above an old Victorian phrenology drawing

A Tool for Making Art

A selection of things that bring me joy presented in a list in a format that brings me joy, the animated GIF


A crudely animated GIF of the words "Brief: Could your work have another function?" with the subtitles "Probably yes"

Probably yes