Connor Bardsley-Hodgkiess

Bio: Filmmaker and Artist based in Glasgow.


Instagram: @cbhodgkiess

A portrait of my pal Stephen

Groucho Groovin

A photograph taken at leith dry dock

Dockers know no resistance

Today, had it been permitted, I would have uploaded my magnum opus. Instead, written representation is provided.

My Magnum Opus

We are all one; road rage: create don’t remake

We are all one (Drive your transit to the edge of the desert)

Courgette cross section

Courgettes find a way

A small sculpture of a sitting man using oxidising St. Thomas Clay

Knocked Knee’d

A cigarette butt extinguished in fake oil

A Butt in the Slick

A maritozzo Easter bun

Perfecting a maritozzo

Testing out a new ricotta & artichoke recipe

Testing a new recipe

A boy sat on a chair hanging his head

Boy on chair

A dog curled up snoozing on a lazy afternoon


A bust sculpted out of blu-tax. Approx size 5x6x10cm

Blu Man Bust