Udval A

Website: https://udvalaltangerel.com

Instagram: @peepingtomboy

Image of an old child's dress

First Outfit

Text reads: "Hopinka: It definitely is a balance I’m still trying to figure out. But I very much lean heavily on the structure of the film for not instilling what the intention is, not showing all my cards in the beginning of a film. [Of instead being]: there’s going to be weird jump cuts. Things are going to be inverted. Text is going to go crazy; it’s going to reveal itself. I want to make a space for an audience to get comfortable within the film to ingest it. That takes some of the burden off of the more contextual facts of the film, or it unburdens the film as a site of knowledge..."

To remember

Second Moon

A photo of a young Mongolian boy with text that reads "What is it like to live in the cold country of Mongolia?"


A desktop background of a beautiful landscape with multiple pdfs floating with different texts.


Gray sphere with the words He was names joy in the middle, surrounded by all black.


A hand with a magnifying glass inside a blue sphere surrounded by all black.

Orbita 2

A gray otherworldly sphere surrounded by black.


3 letters in Mongolian that I wrote to my ancestors.

Letters to Ancestors

A colorful collage of geometric abstract background, cutouts of big cats including an image of Ron Perlman as "Beast" in 1987 television series "Beauty and the Beast," and affirmation words.

Big Cats