Bio: I haven’t made any art for a year and I hope this challenge will help me get into it again

A collage of iPhone screen shots of google searches and iPhone notes

I don’t know if I want to be an artist anymore

Photo of sweet corn and pasta sauce with rainbow, gold fish, stars, clouds and yellow text


Screen shot of sims cheat code website with blue sims logo with green diamond and black text with green bold text over the top

A better life

White background, purple text, black crest logo and text, cartoon lions and pixelated unicorn

Thanks for the reminder

White background

Too anxious

Line drawing in black on white background of profile of a woman with black Scribble behind neck

I did that thing where you wake up and move your neck funny and then you can’t lookup or sideways

Photograph of a park and a path, one concrete right angle and another dirt straight path with black text words on top


Photograph of the ocean sky and rocks

I wouldn’t have done much today because i was busy

White background, black line drawings of two figures cover in photo stickers of faces legs and torsos

Consequence drawings in real life

White background with black line drawing of two strange human like creatures

Collaboration with a 7 year old

Screen shot from the App Store with black and white pixelated images of tower blocks and text boxes with text

Game of life (London poverty edition)

Screen shots of roblox game adopt me house with blue sky walls and ceiling a pool with beach, pirate furniture, rocks, trees, tree house, and 3 screen shots of IKEA game of forts made of furniture and IKEA worker

My roblox adopt me home and surviving in IKEA

A photo collage with a woman, man, cartoon character, game character, group of zombies, space, game platform grass, Disney castle logo, bright colours

Mood board for future work

White background with black text in three paragraphs on right hand side, on left hand side three pictures, first a red pepper with drawing on top of nude giving birth, below a screen shot of roblox game with added text and images, at the bottom a collage of food, tv and a trash can

Feedback from a 7 year old

A double iPhone screen shot photograph of a blue sofa in a living room one side had a phone drawn reclining nude and the other side a woman in pyjamas eating orange crisps, red text above and below the image

Creepy neighbor

Belgian buns next to a metal trash can with a television inside with the married at first sight logo on a white background

Trash and junk

Photo collage of a city landscape with zombies and women dressed in red with white capes, bright over saturated colours and blue and green sky and upside down mirrored text saying I want to create a new world

A new world

Easter card design with two rabbits playing in a nature scene of grass and  flowers and one rabbit crying on the bottom left corner and chocolate egg bottom right with black text over the whole image

Unhappy Easter

A photograph of a red pepper heavily edited and desaturated and drawn on top with iPhone marker pen in white and black to resemble a woman giving birth

Pepper had baby

Roblox video game characters an adult and child standing together smiling standing on green grass with black text and white text

I’ll make some proper art soon

Photograph of a woman from the handmaids tale tv show with a white hat and red clothing at the top. White text saying what work in the centre. Photograph of a group of people from the walking dead tv show looking dirty and defensive.

I’d rather watch tv