Vesper Cain


Instagram: @vesper.404

red and black negative collage of screenshots collected from ATEEZ's MV for 'Black Cat Nero', across the top is hand written stratchy text that reads 'all i want is you' in white/black/multicolour tv static with blue sparkles at the end


Set in the pink tones, the centre shows a vibrator resting on a faded hand(paw), next to it an anime cat girl stares at the viewer (or the phallus shaped item). She is crying but captivated. The piece is decorated with paw prints, fluids, glitter, petals, cats and a singular upside down, disorted apple in the bottom left corner. A triangular warning sign is on the end of the sex toy, in her iris there is a 'command' symbol, a monster energy drink logo across her face and sailor mercurys hand attempting to sheild her. 60s gradient text reads 'lets play forever?'


chad kroeger holding a picture of artist holding a picture of an anime penis

look at this

rainbow pastel overlayed images of usagi (sailor moon) featuring glitched and distorted sketches, hearts, stars, sparkles, water droplets, bubbles, flowers and moons. 90s style 'girls magazine' style text reads 'crybaby' in see-through baby pink with a cyan glow around it. at the bottom using a powerpuff girls type font, various pastel colours read 'make up!'

the princess

photo taken on phone of a lilac shimmer of light against a pink lit wall, to the left you can see the slight shadow of clothes and plants against the wall that has a slighter of rainbow light bouncing against it. at the bottom right you can see the artists phone and arm shadow. artist has scribbled on top of the light shimmer and written 'i cant make right now' in the upper right hand corner


artists face over a pastelised, faded images of a fairground. strawberries surround the floating head, a spotify player is directly below it alongside a distorted carnival clown to the left and on the right there are hands offering a rose towards the face. various computer symbols feature on the surface of the face with geometric coloured shapes. above the head racer style text reads 'time to choose'

i like u

black/blue/grey glitched and warped overlaid screenshots of a music video. a dark shape of the artist stands in front but not in clear vision. flaming pink, green and blue text reads 'what the' across the middle of the image, underneath the text there is a gaga chromatica oreo influenced sex toy

this or the other one?

limp right hand in sheer pink voil by a windowsil lit by a rainbow glow. there is a cross tattooed on the thumb, the fingers hold text that faintly reads 'cherry' and to the far left of the image there are geometric and flower-like symbols in 'zapf dingbats' font that reads 'whoareyou'. there is a glitter filter over the whole image


pastel glitch image of gimcheon abandoned school covered in planets, galaxies, stars and bubbles creating a sci-fi feel. skeletons, the microsoft word paperclip and garfield are the crew mates, lead by sailor moon as captain of the enterprise. screencapped text reads 'my future's collateral'

;//g-a-s STOCK

hypersaturated inverted landscape featuring a forest and lake. foreground decorated in hearts, flowers, bubbles, glitter, barbed wire and flames. a basket ball is in the centre of the EU star shape, with text across it stating 'the only one who can beat me is me!!!'


two figures sat tending to and worshipping a dark, faded figure who holds a floating flurry of playing cards. all three sat on a rug surrounded by flowers and poker chips. the deconstrctued room also consists of two pillars each with diamonds hovering above, a chandelier and a window showing a yu-gi-oh! card. background is glitched galaxies, computer errors and trees

without you-

pastel rainbow background featuring hypersaturated trees and various greenery decorated by sparkles and bubbles, there is a waterfall with petals falling around it and at the top of the piece are anime eyes and a pacifier watching over. bobbly, warped rainbow text reads 'is this enough?'

im not cool

glitch collage of beyblades and bubbles. colour scheme is a mixture of grey/green/red and peach/pink/cyan/cobalt


pink, black, white colour scheme. 3 peas in a angel winged pod, left and right have anime eyes and middle has a grin. a balloon dog next to a picket fence, an upside down coffee cup, human heart pumping an emoji. drawn sratchy text read 'way up'


psychadelic green/pink eye pattern covered by a round, geometric portal in the centre. Two blue hands gently caress the portal whilst playing cards fly in front. Text above portal reads 'tell me why', and below 'we are static'


a neon warm hue, in the middle there is a star shaped black hole & on both sides there are faces gazing at the viewer. mixed amongst the scene are flames, various symbols, playing cards, a mirror, a man walking upstairs, a cigarette & various spiked, angular objects. text reads 'text me back'

i do (or not) care

The background consists of a speckled checkerboard floor against a warm coloured sky. There are two-tone petals falling from the top next to a disco moon planet. In the foreground there lies a smoking king chess piece, a large geode, a crown and candles atop a marble pillar, a dripping hand reaches through an archway portal towards the candle. Text reads 'alone, alone'.