Frankie Ellen

Instagram: @@beef_chop

Sketchbook page showing a scratchy outline of a naked woman wearing glasses, legs open, looking forward

Another sketchbook page

Photo of a pencil sketch of a woman looking forward, wearing suspenders and stockings with her hands next to her vulva


Screenshot of a notes application that reads 'comic strip about truffles in vondelpark'


Black outlined drawing of a dog facing forward, smiling, wearing a spiked collar. Small stars are on either side of the head


Square format digital drawing of a bunch of various flowers, small areas shaded with a dark grey half tone effect


Black and white stipple effect shading over a set of anal beads shaped into a heart on a white background


Gif of a red lined smiley face, a stem grows beside it and the character winks, prompting purple flowers to grow


Sketch of a dachshund head with twinkle star shapes floating around

Lil boy

Scratchy black drawn outline of hairy legs wrapped in vines, on bright yellow background