Francisco Miguel

Bio: Hi! My name is Francisco Miguel and I'm a multidisciplinary artist currently studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in London. I hold a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from Arts University of Bournemouth (2018-2019) and concluded the course Cinema and Vídeo at Escola Artística António Arroio in Lisbon (2016-2018). ​ I'm interested in the value of the encounter within image making processes as a search for new dialogues that build our pictorial future.

Instagram: @limao.azul

Screenshot of keyframe dots on Adobe After Effects within a blue clear sky.


Three blue circles within a white background. The first one has three dark shapes in opposite sides of the circle. The second one has two colourful shapes connected through a lilac line. The last one has one colourful square and two neutral shapes connected through a lilac line.

getting somewhere

Screen shot of a png file. The file depicts a blue circle with 3 images in it within an orange background.


Two images within a black background. The top one presents a human figure standing alone in a stone light brown floor. The figure wears dark green trousers and flexes the left knee. The bottom image is a blur of yellow green and purple VHS noise.

situation point

floral emblem

Clear floor space with nothing on it expect a pile of tiles on the left. The top of the image is cropped and appears in the bottom instead.

Hi8 language

Digital map of three islands close to each other. Within them diverse squares with smaller images appear in different locations.

never thought I would miss the National Express this much

White circle within a black background. Inside of the circle a spread of different shades of blue and brown expand.


Two images within a white background. Their edges are ripped carelessly. They depict different shades of blue, white and brown.

side A side B

Drying rack with several tote bags within a background of several smaller images displaced in a grid.


Four images within a white background. Three of them depict fragments of a larger image and have different sizes. The fourth image depicts a peach tree agains a white wall. The wall is covered with soft shadows of the leaves. Beneath the wall a blue sky opens space for some clouds. An old brick roof appears on the right top of the wall. A printed image is stuck to the trunk of the tree.

if Magritte was a photographer

Cropped image in twelve parts, aligned side by side within 3 rows. The images depict two feet within a blue sky captured from a worm´s eye view perspective.

Archaeology Kit

Blue circle within a white background. Inside of it another blue circle in a more flatten shape. A stream of blue and green images within grey brush strokes.


3 images within a white background, randomly displaced and with different sizes. The first two are green and the last one is blue and around them the background is contrasted with grey strokes.

summer hour

Images in a vertical alignment scroll down within a blue circle. The images are cropped in different rectangle shapes. The ones in the top depict a close up of a patch of grass. The bottom ones depict a blue sky captured from a worm's-eye view perspective.

morning has broken

Grid of rectangular images. Twelve images of a camera zooming in a patch of grass, one is totally white and the other eleven capture the cloudy blue sky from a worm's-eye view perspective.

12 green 11 blue

Blue circle within a white background. Several parts of a hose are broken down in several random positions encircling the blue periphery.

made this while listening to Say It Right by Nelly Furtado on repeat

hose confusedly laid out contrasting within a clear blue sky

hose in portuguese is "mangueira" which also means mango tree

Two separate images surrounded by white space. Both their margins are cropped randomly, resembling the raw edges of stones. Both depict a hose, an orange shoe and hand that appear several times and in different positions.

thinking about Pangea

Collage of three different elements over each other: a wide open hand, a hose and an architecture plan. The three elements blend into each other creating a complex image.


Image of a body captured from a worm's-eye view perspective. The body is in-between movements, in a complex position; contrasted with the surrounding blue sky. Several lilac squares connected though lines map the body´s movement.

choreographing pixels