Sam Dodgshon

Bio: Once had Wendy Bo-Dereked


Instagram: @samdod2427

A screenshot of me getting fat.

The Path of Least Resistance

A notepad with, you guessed it, some notes on it.

Assembled Ideas

A re-made version of yesterday's work (see: a blender) but without any of the stuff in it (see: empty) and also this time it's a gif.

Blend v.2

A blender (my blender) with a work inside (someone else's work).

Collaboration Concept #2

A poorly photoshopped cereal box meme which was recently valued at one-hundred-thousand pounds. Contact seller for details.

Frosted Silence.png.nft


(53.3337, -2.5013)

You should do less of them, they creep me out.


A face drawn onto two sides of a window.


Dog porn

Dog porn

Life Without Strife

Included Henrys are as follows: Henly Royal Regatta, Henrietta Maria, Henry II of England, Henry II of France, Henry III, Henry IV of England, Henry IV provenance unknown, Henry V, Joseph Henry, O Henry, Patrick Henry, William Henry, Henry the Lion, Henry the Navigator.

List of Roadside Henrys

Are you a sufferer of heatgun-based arm fatigue? Do you come home feeling tired from a long day of heatgun-based activity? Does thinking about having to hold your heatgun steady for one more damn minute make you want to just about fuck off and die already?

Then LOOK NO FURTHER than the SAFE AND EFFECTIVE 'heatgun stuck to empty detergent box'! With 'heatgun strapped to empty detergent box' your days of strenuous bicep clenching are OVER. Simply open the empty detergent box, remove the tape and apply to the heatgun, then add the heathen to the lid of the box. IT'S THAT EASY! Get yours TODAY.

Safe AND Effective!

Will you pick up some milk next time you're out?

Joy Milk

What could be more functional than a tiny white-tac chair?