Ella Yolande

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Instagram: @ellayolande

Different textures, lines and patches of purples, blues, yellows and greens on a lilac grey background. On the right is a rectangle with the same textures and colours with a cut off section of text with the only full words - fingertips, gone.


Pencil drawing on top of a background of blurred green, purple and pink berries

From the Garden

A blue pencil drawing of a pile/mound of rounded forms with a plant/ flower- like shape at the top. A pattern of yellow brown fluffy pussy willow buds against a blue background makes up the border. )*/  )*/  )*/  )*/  )*/

)*/ )*/ )*/ )*/ )*/

Weaving their knots

Critter thoughts

A hand holding a sketchbook against a grass background. On both pages are various abstract drawings and mark making.

phone call friend chat thought drawings

A close-up photograph of mushrooms with blue text underneath saying - Soft mutable beings. On top of a green background

soft mutable beings

A living fountain

images of different coloured natural plant dyes, some of the plant matter, some of fabric in the dye liquid. The colours are a range of bright purple, greens and yellow.

A Day of Natural Dyeing

A hand holding a deflated red ballon covered in hempcrete

Material experiments

a scribbly curvy line drawing in pencil on paper on top of a pink evening sky through leafless tree silhouettes.

Drawing from movement workshop

Make yourself at home

Accidental wand

The photograph is shit from above. Rounded paper mache sections reaching up from the bottom in an arc.

Something growing, something in the works

4 images from a foraging workshop and some of the resulting outcomes on top of a background of flowers partially obscured by hazy lilac.

Anti Capitalist Food

Video still of a curvy, fluid abstract 3D shape in pinks and oranges, on top of organic leafy water plants, with text underneath on a pale pink background.

Leaky Porosity

Tests for Garden of Skeletal Sprouting

Mottled abstract background of purple, pink white and blue with orange text on top for the book titles I have been reading today, saying - 'Braiding Sweet Grass', 'Queer Theory for Lichen' and 'Staying with the Trouble'. In the centre is a screenshot of a youtube tutorial by Softer, learning how to work with Cinema 4D

reading for the day

Rectangular image, landscape. Blue, black, silver abstract swirling, curvy, abstract background with text in light orange in one line across the middle saying - HERE ALL FLOURISHING IS MUTUAL.

Here All Flourishing Is Mutual

A photograph of a pencil drawing on a portrait orientated rectangular piece of paper with frayed edges and coloured red/pink from beetroot. In the centre is an arched window shape filled with organic plant-like forms, creating an imagined environment.

Imagining a garden from skeletal sproutings 1

Image description - A blueish silver background image of roots with another rectangular image in the centre on top. The centre image is a print of organic forms made up of flowers and skeletal leaves in dark red/purple and very light pink/white. The flowers are surrounded by a haze of lighter maroon/pink and then a similar light blue/grey to the background.

Root sprig