Kerensa Star


photograph of da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting.

self portrait (wip)

photograph of a white woman's face, cropped from below the eyes to bottom of chin. Imposed under the nose is a woman dressed as snot. She has a green painted face and Is wearing a pointy green hat and a large round and lumpy green costume . neither her arms or legs are on show.

video editing

photo of woman in bogey costume. the costume is round lumpy and green with a pointy green hat. woman also has green tights on and a green painted face.

boogie bogey

photo of art studio. there are 12 pieces of A1 paper taped together on the floor. on top of the paper there is a white rat sculpture. the rat is made with plaster bandages.

rat on big paper

Shrek dance

photo of a large melted green bin. the photo has been drawn over to exaggerate the dripping look of the melted plastic to make it look like green slime/ snot

snotty bin

drawing of green blob with green face, pointy hat, and green legs; the face is smiling. it is meant to be a happy drip of snot.  next to it there is writing that says “huntin’ pickin’ lovin’”.

performance plan

photo of pickles. central pickle has human eyes and mouth imposed on top. the mouth is half open and the facial expression looks quite fed up

i spilt pickle juice up my arm today

bathtub filled with twigs and water


sculpture, actual size piece of bread made with cardboard and black tape, with a black tape cardboard triangle on top. on top of the triangle is a rat sculpture made with wire and newspaper.

ratty melon toast (wip)


photo of napkin on floor. the napkin has green writing on it that says “promise i’ll make something tomorrow” followed by a smiley face. there is also a bit of a noodle on the napkin and an arrow pointing to it saying “my lunch”.


screenshot of iphone notes app. the title says ‘trifle with a harry hill cherry on top’. there is a drawing of a trifle with a cherry on top, the cherry has a face and is wearing a pair of glasses, it’s meant to look like harry hill.

sculpture idea

drawing of an ear and a hand pointing at the ear. the nails on the hand are green and the pointing finger is covered in ear wax.


photo of front and rear view of sculpture. the sculpture is purple and says 'really cheeezy string' at the top. There is a cut out in the centre that is filled with yellow and orange diagonal stripes, its a view of the cheese. The rear view is a lighter shade of purple with a yellow and orange striped cylinder attached.

5ft cheestring

screenshot of iphone note app. the note reads: i refuse to be addicted to gaviscon at the ripe age of 21. i’m saving it for my 50s.

easter indigestion

painting of a soup label. The label is red with white text. It reads ‘waitrose farty italian bean soup’.

disappointing lunch

Huntin' Pickin' Lovin' performed at Really Lovely Noise Open Mic 02/04/21

large lumpy nose sculpture hung on a wall person wearing a pointy green hat and matching a round green costume sits under the nose, she has a green face. it looks like she is a giant ball of snot emerging from the nose.

big bogey