Sarah Wilson

Portrait of a man with shirt and braces on from life drawing class

Life drawing

Wine fruit bowl lillies


iPhone drawing of a flat interior with plant and side unit


Dunes suite sign Benidorm bar

Dunes suite

Small watercolour of 3 women in colourful clothing

Not in it

Apartment block Bushwick, Brooklyn


A iPhone drawing of a Matisse painting featuring a red chair and a nude woman

Matisse practice for inspiration

Shoes legs and some flowers


3 pairs of legs with nice shoes, trousers and dresses on lots of different colours and patterns


Flower arrangement in black charcoal

Flower arrangement

A selection of fruit drawing in black crayon

Tropical fruit

Vases and cherry blossom on display


Painting in the bookcase a small abstract purple painting with coloured blocks sitting on a book shelf


Bar Luce in Milan pastel colours lots of bottles and snacks at the bar

Bar Luce

A temple in South Korea detailed pencil drawing

South Korea

Abstract watercolour with navy purple pink patches and stars

⭐️ star

4 Easter eggs one blue one yellow one green and one pink


Orange red yellow pink flowers

Spring flowers

A view of New York City in pencil casual and scribbly

New York City