Niamh Rowlands

Bio: hey I’m a broke fine art student currently studying in Liverpool 💞

Instagram: @niamhsxart

A screen print of a figure based on the character the countess from American horror story

Goddesses don’t speak in whispers they scream

a trippy photoshop blend of 3 images, trixie mattel & katya, a screenprint of a box & a photograph of my friend with bad drag queen make up

I attempted doing Trixie Mattel make up on my friend

an image from the shining of a retro green bathroom, blended into the layers of one of my paintings and there's a sign of pink motel


continuation of meredith blake, with angela bassett painted as her character ramona royale in american horror story, and a photoshopped retro sink over the top of the painting

hotel hotel hotel

a canvas with demona a character from animation Gargoyles, & text hyperfixation , layered with saturn on top, with photoshopped venus head statue with trippy filter applied to it

continuation Hyper Fixation

A canvas painting of Demona a character from gargoyles a tv show in the left hand corner, in the right hand corner is Saturn that covers most the page, including some text saying Hyper Fixation

Hyper Fixation

A white canvas with a painted image of Meredith Blake from The parent trap, the holy bible & font  saying a la carte & hotel in monochrome

Meredith Blake

A unfinished canvas with monochrome tones & blue, green tones with a deck chair, a motel sign saying “pink motel”, 2 lamps, & a bed


A boat on the sea in Aberdyfi - Photograph


a photograph taken in a garden of myself holding a bunch of wild daffodils I cut

A Spring Sunday

a canvas mainly painted in monochrome tones, with the words AU LILAS, an outline of a butterfly, & a painting of an x ray of a brain with a red circle around part of the brain

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

a photoshop collage piece, with a seashell image in monochrome created by hand by myself, then a image from the internet of the drag queen Bimini Bon Boulash over the top blended in using a trippy filter

Bimini Bimini Bimini

A canvas, party spray painted sage green, with heavy body acrylic paint an annoyed Kermit the frog has been painted on top,with the zoom call logo & some chequerboard pattern

pissed off