Nisha Desai

Instagram: @nisha_iwanina

Photo of a half eaten plate of pierogies, overlaid with a group chat message.


Desktop screenshot of images open with preview; including petals in a sink, apple peel on a chopping board and dried orange peel on a wall.


Photo of apple cake.

I'm not even pretending this is art, but look at my cake

3 images of a peeled orange, overlaid with a note reading 'pitted - like goosebump in reverse'

a goosebump in reverse

Screenshot of 3 images opened on a desktop using Preview. One is selfie of a woman with ruined make up, mascara has run and red lipstick is smudged round her mouth and down her neck. The others are of red fruits, strawberries and tomatoes, squashed and smeared across the street.

I was going to write a poem