Amy Mcmillan

Watercolour and ink on paper. 2 figures. Figure on left holds arms above her head, her right leg bent slightly with her weight on her front left leg. Her head is tilted towards her chest. She is red and florescent green, pale blue, navy ink with areas of paper left behind for texture. She has red ink ribs and two red dots for nipples. She has a red pelvic area and her right leg is spotted with light orange ink, her left leg black and grey. Figure 2 faces the same direction. She has green ears attached to a red and blue flecked hat, her body has the suggestion of a blue face on it.

Reclaiming Magic

Watercolour and ink on paper. Red, turquoise and black ink mother and child portrait style. Red eyebrows, blue eyes drawn in pen, black top lip. Blue dots on head scarf. Child is in black ink.

Mother and child 2

Two figures in watercolour on paper. Black figure in the bottom centre of the page, holding a head under its left arm, with 12 spikes on a headress on its head in red. Floating figure above in red and black. Big oval shape leans on the bottom Black figure, with turquoise oval lines moving towards the centre.

I let go of guilt I let go of shame

Blue and pink watercolour of two figure connected at the head and neck with one body. Pink wings are attached to the right hand side and there is another ambitious figure to the left with 6 arms

keep and

Watercolour painting on paper of a woman with a big hat and patterned dress, her hand to her chest.


Watercolour on Paper. The head of a woman and a horse in the centre of the image, three green lines surround them getting gradually bigger. On the right hand side is blue with brown blotches and blue inside. Woman head is purple with yellow shading and blue headscarf. The horse is red.

Horse and Figure

3 watercolour figures on white paper. Bottom left is a peach and red figure without limbs, lying horizontally with pale blue stripes. Two figures hover above. Figure on the left has arms above her head, a brown face and arm with pale blue features, pale blue and turquoise chest, pale pink left leg, yellow right leg and turquoise foot. Figure on the right has a black headress with white stitches all over it, a brown face and pale blue features, a pink and lilac spotted chest, left breast hangs low and right breast is a red dot. Lower body and legs are pale blue with black spots.

The Trip

Water colour painting of 2 figures on the left hand side in purple, dark turquoise, orange, pale pink and pale turquoise, figure in the top right on all fours with another figures bum in the air kissing her in orange and purple

Heeled feet

Woman in blue ink with lots of breasts and little men on her headress. Background is yellow. Her face is drawn in black pen.

Artemis of Ephesus

Pale yellow background with arch shape in centre of A5 paper. A terracotta mother and child figure stands in front of the arch, painted in oil, with a green dress and dark blue figure in the bottom right.

Mother and Child

A large blue figure with 5 red hairs walks across the page with arms wide open, a blue and red dotted cape covers the bottom half of the page. Behind the figure is 6 blue ink faces with a green, ochre yellow and pale pink abstract background.

Blue and Red Cape

White notepad on cream carpet. Black ink figure holding a 5 pronged stick


White image of masked figure holding up their right hand, legs slightly apart, with their left hand touching a small horse figure at the bottom right of the image, on a black background.

Transparent layer for T-shirt print

From right to left: there is a strip of peach watercolour next to lilac with three stripes of bright orange. A figure with a white head, electric blue antlers, an orange chest, green breasts with purple nipples, turquoise torso and moss green and orange legs is holding an orange and navy blue ink 5 pronged stick in the centre of the piece. The back ground is an inky wash of blue and turquoise, to the left of the figure is a line drawn yellow smiley face and small yellow dashes of colour move in the same direction from the left arm and leg of the figure down to the bottom left corner.

Funny Little Thing

Paper mache lamp base in the shape of an angel with hands in prayer position

Angel Lamp #1

Turquise, cornflower blue and purple swirls in top left corner, a background of blue wash ink, naive drawing of man riding a horse in black ink, the horse has black spots, the man is wearing a black jacket with an orange shirt and Button up trousers, yellow socks and black boots. The horse stands on green grass.

Staffordshire Figure

Yellow background, black ink large head on legs with arm coming out of its mouth. Red halo

Scultpure idea

Abstract purple ink on the left, a black stripe, a strip of peach, red and black ink splatters, a green figure with red face

Green Man

Two figures in abstract shapes in turquoise, cobalt blue, orange, peach and deep red

Strip of peach

Yellow ink background. Three figures in blue ink with red dotted eyes.


An abstract painting in ink and acrylic. There is blue and turquoise paint in the top right hand corner, a moss green face appears out of the ink with two mouths and 4 teeth. The background is red and pink, there is a checkered pattern to the left of the figure, two flourescent pink breasts and an orange squiggle in the bottom left corner.

4 Teeth