Ashleigh Sands

3D model of a cloud like mobile with shoes, vegetables and words hanging off it

A big collaborative blender render

screenshot of a video with a collaged background. Two people are overlayed on top of each other at 50% opacity with a green light running along the outside of them.

Boss Kecks

Green and black gothic esk font with the words "Boss Kecks" typed.

Title for a new work.

Green, shiny 3D modeled doc marten styled boot. Green stripes coming down from the base of the boot.

A blender accident

Screenshot of a video in the making. Eco game in the background. Two females in the foreground merged as one with green glow around them.

Some green screen werk

Made a work for my window x

Edited image of trees. Blue and white. Three images sliced together, middle one more zoomed in.

Some lines

Mirror photo of a crochet backpack. Plants in foreground, plants and book shelf in background.

Finished this mini backpack I have been putting off for a while

Some tree research

Photograph of a cup of coffee in a 70s mug with flowers and window in background

A tool to help me make work

Photograph of tattooed flower on ankle

What brings you joy?

Edited video of worms and woodlice

Worm hole