Ella Crabtree

screenshot of notes in phone that reads “ The worm burrows into the soil feeding from the surface data 
It wiggles and moves through me, it wiggles and moves through me, it wiggles and moves through me 
Mirror - more interactive one, something to do with the self. Mirror/water, dirty water 
Base it all on nature, garden 
Scrolling through someone’s instagram, back to 2019 to gain a sense of what they were like pre-pandemic. 
My precious garden
Impeccable persuasion”

Some thoughts in my notes

Screenshot of webpage

Webpage screenshot

Image of video of me and ash wandering through our eco world for spur project

Silly little video screenshot

Photo of person holding up a small moonstone rock in front of the camera between their finger and thumb and through the rock their face is upside down and distorted. They look happy

Upside-down egg boy through a moonstone window

Image of texture map of my digital rendered face lay flat with the words “fucking live, fucking laugh, fucking love”.

I’m stressed.

Photo of girl on bike with back to the camera with arms up in the air. She is by the canal and there is a wall of graffiti behind her. Landscape photo.

Bike ride

Hand holding an ashtray made of clay that looks as though it is made of gum with teeth all around the rim


Image of a hand holding a handmade wand. Medium brown with teal vine-like decoration and aquamarine stone embedded in the base. Grass background.

Aquamarine wand

Necklace lay flat on textured paper. Silver chain swirled round the screen. In the forefront of the image, a piece of iron-rich lava, deep blood red in colour and porous. Lava rock is wrapped in silver wire.

Blood red lava

Image of necklace in a gift box made of polymer clay - purple tentacle with black spots.

Tentacle gift