Denise Hickey

Bio: I make objects and collections that explore shared spaces and learning ways to exist within them.


Chicken wire construction of a grey rock with some paper added. A work in progress

Outcome after 20 days of research day 1

Quick pencil sketch of a grey rock

Grey rock drawing five (another rush/samesame/teaching takes over)

Small, quick pencil study of a small but beautiful grey rock

Grey rock drawing four (falling behind/back to work)

Unfinished drawing in pencil from collage of perforated paper, scrunched paper and the magnificent grey rock

Grey rock drawing three (ran out of time)

Pencil drawing of collage two

Grey rock drawing two

Pencil drawing of the previous grey rock collages

Grey rock drawing one

Black and White image of a collection of discarded papers and fabric circles, arranged as a totem. And most importantly... the grey rock

Collage Five

Black and grey image of discarded paper and always important grey rock

Collage four

Collection of thrown away objects including blue perforated paper, scrunched paper and, most importantly, the grey rock

Collage three

Collection of waste objects from a plaster cast, including a circular piece of plastic and triangle cardboard piece but most importantly they grey rock

Collage two

Collection of objects arranged in kitchen worktop, including foil, torn cardboard, cut scrap of green paper and, most importantly, a grey rock

Collage one

Oil pastel and emulsion drawing of an arm above and feet on a radiator. Quick, playful style

Domestic drawing five

Abstract canvas referencing boobs, used as bathroom curtain

Domestic drawing four (boob curtain)

Domestic Drawing three day eight

Side by side images. The first is a leaf patterned window with a red cellophane square at the bottom, the second id a layered drawing with the leaf pattern scratched into the surface.

Domestic Drawing two Day Seven

layered images of colour pencil drawing abstracted from the kitchen

Domestic Drawing One Day Six

Visual Essay Day Five

Collection of domestic images including images of cake, kitchen tools, sleeping child, dog and cat

Visual essay day four

Visual essay day 3

Collection of images about making. Including drawn patterns, collage materials, blank pages

Visual Essay Day two

Collection of studio images. Collage elements on the wall including drawings and cut out of scissors.

Visual Essay Day One