Sophie Popper


Instagram: @sophiepopper

Digital drawing of a person dressed as a meringue. They have a cream swirl on their head with a strawberry at the top.

Silly Meringue

Digital drawing of two speech bubbles. The first says “stop being so bossy” and is labelled “them”. The second says “no” and is labelled “me”.

i won’t

Digital drawing: words written in crayon pink style-pen say “MORE MESS!” Underneath these words is a yellow scribble with brown circles which looks like cartoon spaghetti. Underneath this, smaller words read “more spagetti”. Spaghetti is spelt wrong, which is an uncorrected mistake


Image of text which reads “Joy is wonky faces in the sun, large open mouths guffawing, teeth glinting, spit flying, deviated septums, and asymmetrical people, sand between your toes, sand up your nose, scribbles, scribbling, angry scribbling, colouring outside the lines, and colouring very neatly inside the lines. Joy is dancing and not caring, dancing and no one saying “I just don’t understand people who can’t hold a beat.” Those people can fuck off and glory at my awkward arms and pointy elbows.”

Ranting and raving and dancing and kicking!

Image of four figures sat around a table under a gazebo laughing. It is night and they are illuminated by fairy lights wrapped around the roof and candles on the table. The person most to the left is wearing a party hat.

Friendship is Work and This is the Documentation

Raindrops made from tinfoil hand against a brown background. Tinfoil stars are placed underneath on a grey floor.


Two sculptures hang in front of a brown background. On the left is a fork of lighting and on the right are raindrops. Both are made from scrunched up tin foil.


Picture of the front panel of a blue knitted jumper with a green star in the middle. Written text which is green and glowing and around the star reads “knit me a cute jumper” in all caps.


Photograph of a person standing on a path surrounded by bushes, trees and some pink flowers. The person is wearing blue striped dungarees and a bright blue tshirt. They wear a piece of packaging on their head that is meant to look like a cloud.

Blue day 2

A person stands in the centre of a path surrounded by trees and flowers. They are wearing a blue coat and a piece of white styrofoam-style packaging on their head which resembles a cloud.


image of a miniature sofa made from blue and white flowery material. It’s photographed on a red background. A yellow discount star with £10 written on it has been drawn on the image in the bottom left hand corner

£10 sofa

cartoon-like drawing of a man wearing glasses, a blue shirt and orange tie. He is framed by the outline of a house, which is green. The overall aesthetic is ‘scribbly’.

homme at home

Words of Af/fir/mation

Screenshot of a mac laptop screen. On the screen there are two images. One is a cartoon-like drawing of a girl with the outline of a pine tree drawn on her face. The other is a photograph of a girl with a pine tree painted on her face. This tree outline has little lines within it, that look like individual pines.

"Add pines"

Line drawing of a person with a fir tree on their face. They have brown hair and a fringe, and red lips.

Makeup plan

A screenshot of an iPhone note entitled “Great Names” followed by a list of names that I like and have been writing down over the past two years

Great Names

A picture of a lamp post sticking out of some bushes. Cartoon eyes have been placed so that it looks like the top of the lamp is a hat and the lamppost has a face.

Sergeant Lamp Post

A miniature traffic light, fire extinguisher and stop sign hang from a stick by black string.

Safety Mobile

12 image grid of a person in blue wearing black headphones and dancing. Each image is a shot of them in a different position, some of which  are strange or awkward.

Dyspraxic Dance Positions

It only works if you listen to your favourite song while you watch /dance dance dyspraxic revolution

Macarena and Cheese!