Magdalena Boudova

Bio: One of a kind hybrid of a Product and Graphic designer with a pinch of illustration, and a head full of thoughts. Born and raised in Prague (aka a real-deal Bohemian) but currently living and working out of Epsom (UK).


Instagram: @boudovamagdalena

A screenshot of my Notes App featuring some of my random notes, poems, ideas and quotes.

Documenting Thoughts with Words

A rough pencil sketch of a monkey hanging from a tree branch and looking at its reflection in the mirror with an added note that reads, "Monkey see, monkey do." The whole thing is drawn on a creased piece of paper which lies on a black background.

Scribbling Monkeys while I Question Society

GIF featuring the Unexplainable Motion of a white Square, a yellow Triangle and a red Circle.
Go figure... it is something about gravity and the magnetic attraction... or lack thereof?

Can you Resist the Unexplained Motion?

A dystopian description of Social Media.

Before the People came

An old-fashioned black&white poster featuring a vector illustration of a smartphone, which has the Chatter Box App (a made up 'patent pending' App) loaded up on the screen - showing a conversation between Me (MAGS) and my friend (AI - Artificial Intelligence).

Conversations with AI friends (Remake Edition)

A piece of paper on a black background featuring a text exchange between ME and AI (the actual text inside the artwork was too long, so it did not fit in here).

Chatting with my AI friend

A piece of paper with a simple drawing of an extra terrestrial ship that is projecting a "DELIVERY" sign on to the ground, there is also a mouth-watering slice of pizza levitating inside the projected beam of light - It is the perfect bait for clueless human beings.

Pizza Trap

A sheet of paper placed on a black background is featuring a drawing of a 'being', who is split down the middle and sporting a different attire on each side. Essentially, this poor thing is balancing between two dimensions, just like many of us do right now. One dimension reads, "Working from home" and the other, "Homing from work" and let's just say that it is not much of a balancing act rather it is a general imbalance in life.

Work/Home (Im)balance

A crumpled square piece of paper on a black background with a plastic overlay, featuring a drawing of a fish with a traffic cone on its head. The accompanying text reads, "Wild life"

Wild Life

A crumpled piece of paper on a black background with an illustration of a browser window. The text inside the window says, "If you could stop staring out this window and actually live a little - that'd be great."

This Window

There is a creased piece of white paper on a black background featuring a drawing of a personified 'Oreo-type-cookie' fighting for it's life. Essentially, trying to prevent itself from being drowned in a glass of milk. The accompanying text reads, "Milk and Murder"

Milk and Murder

An animated GIF shows a black background with a piece of scrunched-up white paper. There is a drawing of a speech bubble that says, "What is the truth?"
Then a 'flash' reveals a new piece of paper with a drawing that features the same speech bubble but this time accompanied by a ladder. A new text above the speech bubble has also appeared saying "Truth is" while the text in the original speech bubble has been altered in a way that the text saying "...the truth?" is crossed off. These changes to the original image reveal a new statement - "Truth is what is."

Truth is

A scrunched up piece of white paper on a black background featuring a drawing of a plane with a mask, the accompanying text says, "Stay Safe"

Stay Safe

A scrunched up piece of textured paper on a black background featuring a vintage style drawing of a personified coffee cup with accompanying text saying, "High on Coffee"

High on Coffee

A white scrunched up paper in the centre of a black background. Displaying a black and white drawing of a 'fly amanita' Mushroom (in Super Mario-ish/Comic book style) and a text bubble that says "Death Cap"

Death Cap

A creased white poster paper is placed in the centre of a black background. The poster is filled with an illustration featuring a simple black outline of a blob shape on top of this blob shape there is a black frame, right in the centre of the illustration - the text reads, "I got thoughts nobody needs."

Thoughts Nobody Needs