Yvette Bathgate

Bio: (she/her). based in Aberdeen.

Website: https://yvettebathgate.com/

Instagram: @yvettebathgate

Tonal green image, mirrored vertically with the words "eco dying".

death by plant

Muted grey, blue and purple digital image, edited visual, made up of eucalyptus leaves.

a ritual for a caterpillar

Three images on gradient background, 1st: hand holding cleavers, 2nd: freshly painted picnic bench, 3rd fingers holding kale seed packet.

just gardening and bench painting

Latex sheet stuck on window with blue sky in background. Latex is square shaped with cut-outs and pigment set within

same but different

Image of girl in black wetsuit standing on rock in front of North sea.

today I just swam

Grey square and squirmy marks, filled in off-white, soft blue-green and grey dust scatter surface, as well as small splinters of logwood.

Something to sit on

Scan of eucalyptus leaf print on silk.


Four clay shapes on blue cutting board. Three shapes vaguely rectangular and one circular

Using up mouldy clay

Two curries, a plate of naan, and four side dishes of coriander, onion, ginger and chili, sitting on a wooden table.

Chopping club with Navi Kaur

Slightly crinkled silk that's been naturally dyed with a purple to yellow gradient, purple down the centre blending to yellow on the left and right.


eucalyptus leaves pressed between wet fabric and glass.


two sketches side by side; on left of teeth and gums composed vertically, on the right two sections of spine.

the bits left behind

image of fabric in liquid, slightly distorted and green filter, with the letters s,t,i,r,r,i,n,g floating within.


Digital image composed of layered images of ecoprints in colours of yellow, purple, mint and grey.

the myrtle

Wax cast in kite-like shape; mica, moss ball, agate and graphite cast within. Object on buff-coloured background.


Text on lavender background, text reads: She rolls her eyes back,
like when a car speeds past
exhaust fumes lingering in the mist
captured within locks of dampened hair.
As the wind gusts upward
a metallic taste gathers in her lungs. 
It's restlessness changes direction
and they freeze in their sockets,
an eternity of darkness,
two glimmering pools of oil.
To watch the blood 
gush through 
a crimson screen 
peering back. 
What else could be more
entertaining, than watching 
your own body tick over.

They'll get stuck like that (unfinished)

Watercolour sketch in colours of pink, beige, purple and blue.


Dusty grey/blue ceramic ovals, interlinked to create a chain structure. This hangs on white wall hanging from two parts, one section hangs down from off-centre, creating a Y shape.


Image of purple cotton, with frayed edges and a fold line down the centre. The fabric is naturally dyed giving irregular purple colour, with leave prints left an off-white.


A powder blue teardrop shape made in ceramic; the tail of the teardrop faces up, slightly to the right. It sits upon a welded square steel pipe structure. Image taken on a plane white background.