Harriette Meynell

Bio: Artist living and working in London.

Instagram: @harriettemeynell

Rough outline drawing in black ink of a tree trunk and a mass of branches coming out of the central spine.  The negative spaces have been filled in with red pastel which bleeds over the drawn edges.


Photograph of a distorted body in a mirror - parts of shoulders, neck, arm, but its not clear what belongs where


Ink drawing of a washing machine and piles of clothes - a total mess

The Black Hole

Mobile phone photography dump in 4 panels for 2020 and 2021

record (2020 -2021)

Documentation of a Day: A photograph of a crane against a blue sky, a close-up of an Aperol Spritz and a watercolour drawing of a blue leg.

Looking, drinking, drawing documentation

Photograph of reflections of a hand inside a clean, shiny dishwasher

Touching the Void

Blue ink blot on folded paper has created unusual shapes across the page


Sketch of a house with yellow bindings from top to bottom.  The drawing also has large black ink areas above and below it, with drips

Dream House

Clothed woman crouched down on a kitchen floor in 'child's pose' with a paper house stitched with yellow string on her back

Playing House

Picture of three photographs of white art installation houses.  Top right picture is a house by Rachel Whiteread which features in her new London show.  The other two photographs are of an amateur looking mod roc house installed in a park and most definitely are not made by Rachel Whiteread

Imaginary Collaboration (lol)

Coloured pen drawing of mouth and yellow teeth on rough paper with the words 'forgot to clean my teeth today' against a smooth moulded white paper background

untitled (and unsellable)

Collaged photograph of a plastic Wendy House in close-up in bright red and green.  A strip of blue sky bisects the picture vertically and a blurred picture of a woman's face with her eyes closed looks off to the left

Plastic Dream House

Heritage blue paint smudged on a wall as evidence of a circle being rubbed away

Blue Plaque (remnants)

Photo of hand holding cut out paper daisy petals, with the drawing of the flower behind with the remaining alternate petals intact

The Loves Me Nots

Photograph of a painted blue corner, hung on a washing line against a cloudy grey sky

Painted Corner (with clouds)

Cardboard legs and feet, resting on a red leather pouffe

Latent Foot Fetish

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Middle-aged woman holding eggs

Empty Nest

Middle-aged woman does Chewbacca impression with glasses

bad hair day

Photomontage of a hand through a paper copy of a crowd control barrier

Break Out

Cardboard and red tape collage

Red Tape