Cash Aspeek

Instagram: @cashaspeek

Discarded mattress floating in my local urban river


Painting on collage of old pieces of foam, resembling white water.

Ebbs and Flows

single use Only

Lower part of an arm with intravenous drip inserted. The arm has been coloured blue. The fluid has been coloured red.

Life blood

Part of an arm with the remnants of blood transfusion tubes inserted. The arm is labelled with one of the collaborators. 
Other collaborators are unknown.

Blood Transfusion

A pair of over sized silver trousers with a bargain price star price tag.

Special Bargain Price of ..........

A photograph of part of arm with a medical drip inserted. There is a box at the end of the tube hand drawn.


Dandelion clock photographed against the sky over the roof tops

Clock’s ticking in the sky

Close up of a section of a white net curtain which is 7 metres by 3 metres. The curtain has 111 black thread embroideries attached to it. The embroideries are of animals who have various forms of protection.

The net curtain

A hospital monitor showing the condition of my father.

A window into the condition of my Father

Photograph of mermaid purses from the beach the type that are about 1 cm by 3 cm with curly antennae

Stealing the Mermaids Purse

Opening in the side of a 45 year old mattress showing the various layers of construction, original pocket springs, horse hair and cotton wading.

45 years in the waiting

Two eyes, one on top of each other, of two different people in their nineties. My parents.


Nine historical animal teeth of various sizes found mud larking on the Thames photographed in a grid .

They were good tools once to another now they are good for me.

Fantasy creature made from a clay hand print with stick legs,  seed fins and husk eyes.


Leaf face mask stitched onto wool felt