clare pumfrey

This is a portrait shaped photo of the centre of a rotting tree. The colours are a mix of greys, whites, and browns. The abstract shapes run from top to bottom separated by fine black lines as though drawn on.

Day 21

This is a simple acrylic and ink drawing of a person lying on a bench. The figure is outlined in scratched black ink lines with a brilliant red background above and white below. The figure is is splashed with grey.

Day 20

This is a small monoprint with acrylic paint, of a figure - could be facing or not. An ochre colour makes the background and butts up to the outline of the simple standing figure. The figure is in black and white.

Day 19

This is a portrait shaped drawing of a seated figure, drawn through ink on a piece of glass. The lines which cover the figure show white against the black of the ink.

Day 18

This is in image in brilliant red acryic paint taken from a small sculpture of a sitting figure made out of chicken wire. It is on white paper and the  whitish figure has the marks of the chicken wire on it, surrounded by red.

Day 17

This is a landscape monoprint in black ink on white paper. There is a band of solid black ink on the left edge. Then there are 2 naked figure shapes, not complete, moving as though dancing drawn in black line; one faces out of the image,one arm raised above its head; the other is viewed from behind, a hand resting on its bum..

Day 16

This is an image in black and white of a seated figure with back turned to the viewer. It is created from a shadow cast by the sun shining through  an image scratched into ink dried on a piece of glass. The frame that is seen is the edge of the glass.

Day 15

This is a portrait shaped abstract section of an acrylic painting. Layers of thin, scratchy paint in burnt orange, greys and black from the left side moving to a light grey area on the right.

Day 14

This is an abstract image in black on white paper in ink. Broad strrokes of a brush from top left to bottom right leaving areas of paper visible. Tinges of yellow ochre.

Day 13

This is an acrylic landscape abstract painting on white paper. Light, scratchy foreground leads to a yellow tinted middle graound which is crossed at a horizon level with a blue/black uneven band of watery paint.Two dark areas left and right frame the foreground.

Day 12

This is a landscape shape piece on white paper in ink and acrylic paint. It is abstract but couldl be read as a landscape. The foreground area is dark, blue/black with white curving bands cutting through like escarpments; the middle ground is a light grey blue with the sky area full of bright light.

Day 11

This is a portrait shaped piece on white paper made with blue/black drawing ink and water. There is  an overall structure of roughly horizontal lines with uneven vertical lines running from left to right across the paper. It looks like terraces of burned out trees, with a fading landscape behind.

Day 10

this is a monoprint with acrylic paint, portrait shaped. The dominant colours are red black and white. There are two forms of simplified figures, one in red on the left edge looking into the centre; the other is  a mottled red/black/white seated figure on the right.

Day 9

this is a piece of torn canvas,landscape shape, painted in oils and acrylics, with abstract shapes in layers of ochre, blue, red and black on the lefthand part; on the right is the simplified shape of a human figure in brilliant red looking out of the right side of the frame.

Day 8

This is a portrait shaped photo, almost filled with a brilliant green, sunlit shape  covered in lines and standing in the landscape.

Day 7

This is a monoprint in black ink on white paper, portrait shaped, with an outline of a sitting figure with their legs crossed, leaning forward with their hand supporting their chin, resting their elbow on their knee. The image is not clearly defined . I t is obscured by the mottled background.

Day 6

This is square canvas 20 x20cm; black,and white; two simply drawn figures emerge in outline from the background, holding each other closely; one is looking out of the image.

Day 5

This is a monoprint in black ink; on white paper, portrait shaped; skeletal shapes of leaves tumble down from the top right hand corner

Day 4

This is a portrait shaped monoprint, in a bright red ink; the image moves from solid areas into a lighter area centrally that just shows the form of a crouching figure.


Its a monoprint in black ink, on white paper, landscape format; response to rows of coniferous trees in a dark wood with the light visible in the distance.

Day 2 - Stoggy Lane

It is a mixture of printing ink and acrylic on paper, image based on several human forms; colours are black and pink with scratched outlines. I

Day One