Linda Cooper

Brown wax sculpture of 2 balls, a triangle and a squiggle


A sculpture based on a bird feeder made of wire, air dried clay and brown wax

Bird feeder

A collage


Terracotta coloured air dried clay leaves with Muscari flowers and two small lime green leaves.

Bluebell wood

4 small painted pots in pink, blue, yellow and white stripes and black white and pink.

Painted pots

4 small pots made with grey air dried clay

4 small quick pots

Globe artichoke seed head.

Global intervention

A sculpture made of wire, paper and clay to represent a cluster of pear blossom.

Pear blossom

Sculpture made from scrunched up paper and wool insulation tied together with cut up fabric lengths.

Maybe time for a haircut

A pear tree in blossom wrapped in fleece with a face of red leaves.

Too cold for the bees.....

An abstract cityscape made with grey and terracotta air dried clay, silver foil and wire.


Impression of pear tree bark taken on brown wax.


A small flower sculptured from grey air dried clay and a coloured sweet wrapper on a red and silver background.


Small figure reading iPad made from air dry clay.


A pear sculptured from brown wax.

A pear

An apple sculptured from brown wax


Small animal sculptured from brown wax

Warm wax

A terracotta head

A head

Three red tulips


The European flag with a blue wooden flag pole, wire flag and yellow gel stars.


A brown wax small sculpture of a flower shaped bowl with worms wriggling inside it.

Worm pit