Robin Cooper

Colour pencil sketch of shadows of tree branches falling on lawn and adjacent path

‘Shadows on the Lawn’

Group of four pencil sketches. Saucepan on a gas oven hob, electric kettle with mug and bowl, washing machine with open door, part of a bath including flannel on mixer tap, bottle of conditioner, soap dish, shower hose.

‘Boil, Brew, Wash, Bath’

Group of four sketches in coloured pencil and graphite pencil of energetically rendered speeding trains. The perspective of the compositions emphasises their velocity.

Streamlined Trains on the Four Paths of Least Resistance

Photograph. Multiple images (3) of metal nameplate painted black on red brickwork,one above the other, arranged so the word aRt appears vertically. These three characters brass rubbed onto pape, photographed, and superimposed on the three nameplates.

‘Spelling out What I would (attempt to) Make’

Computer art drawn in vector graphics software. Geometrical appearance somewhat in the style of Mondriaan. Developed from previous Moquette Maquette work.

Moquette Maquette Remade thinking of Mondriaan

Pencil on paper. Portrait of male head looking intently, full frontal viewpoint.


Design proposal for moquette pattern. Area of pattern increased by duplicating and arranging digital photograph of original. Original is coloured pencil drawing in white, grey, blue, red in two shades, yellow, orange/ brown, maroon and black. White and yellow reinforced with digital overdrawing.

Moquette Maquette

Drawing on paper with coloured and graphite pencils. White Ensign flag at half mast with grey cloud sky.

41 means 99

Brown cardboard and white paper identical shapes on turquoise plastic background. Photo of these duplicated, one rotated. Marks added in iPad app. By changing the placing of the eyes the rotated image shows that the biter becomes the bitten.

The Biter Bitten

Coloured pencil on folded paper stuck to card. Male and female faces on each side meet in a kiss at the fold.

Paper Kiss

Bronze coloured wax on turquoise coloured plastic background. Head with macabre expression.

Macabre Head

Pencil drawing. Cap on chair back in sunshine.

Cap in the Sun

Pencil drawing. Two figures wearing caps at a circular table. The figures vary their positions during the session.

Capped Figures

Manipulated photograph. Photograph of grotto stonework with digital watercolour washes then edited with filter effect. Original image of stonework enhanced to bring out head with helmet and three part crest.

Grotto Warrior

Pencil drawing. Garden pots with water butt behind.

Garden pots and butt

Pencil drawing. Table and chair in foreground with view of garden trees beyond, plus reflection showing in the window glass of the window behind the viewpoint.

My Table and Beyond

Photograph. Knee-down view of purple cord trousered man with orange and blue patterned socks standing on parquet floor.

Sock It To Me