Jessica Scott

Sketchbook page. People watching at a cafe for the first time in a LONG time. Just a few very quick scribbles in fine liner that somewhat take form of passers by in the streets of Liverpool. Mixed energies from the people in the city.

humans !!! ahhhHhHhhH

A drawing in my iPhone notes section. The drawing is a stick figure like portrait of myself in orange crayon holding up a sign that states “free hugs” in black crayon. It is a very quick and simple sketch. It channels themes of loneliness and late night thoughts. The character has a melancholy expression.


A piece of text I found stuck to a tree about dog poo littering “hang it on your own tree”

from the wildlife

Sketchbook drawing in fine liner of a large collection of skyscrapers and cubes squished together onto the page. Black and white with 4 sky scrapers highlighted in blue.

the city

A photograph of the Wirral taken from Liverpool at night time. A blurred image of the lights in the distance.

show me the stars

I've actually re-used one of the works I made for a similar brief in this project last year. Last year I painted all of the houses I've ever lived in on rocks found in my current home. For this piece, I used one of the rocks I painted last year - it is my Grandfather's home who is no longer with us. I've photographed it surrounded by grass and it stands alone in the bottom left corner. The piece is titled 'Hiraeth' - a welsh word that can be roughly translated to "The feeling of longing for a home that no longer exists or never was. A deep and irrational bond felt with a time, era, place".


An update picture of a found brick I have been painting for a friends wedding present. I have added a little more detail but am still struggling with the piece as a whole. It is an old stamped brick that reads "wilson" which is my friends' maiden name. I'm re-working it as a beach scene to replicate the place she was proposed to. It is a struggle because I don't particularly like the person she has married for various reasons. But all I can do is support her and be a good friend.

still struggling

A photograph of my sketchbook. The sketchbook page is a drawing in blue crayon of the view from my car window whilst sitting at the beach. I have sketched the interior of the car as well as the beach view to create a more intimate feeling within the work. As if the viewer is sat alongside me and gets the full experience of the moment. There is a coffee on the dash and my iphone is in the sketch playing the music I was listening to whilst creating this work.

blue view

A series of 9 small frames depicting different views from my window during the "witching hours". The views include the moon in different phases and the earth rising.

Views from the witching hour(s)

Sorry this is an incredibly late last minute upload of a tarot reading I got earlier today.

jxjsjandjicva ef

A photograph of a brick I started painting for my friends wedding present (she gets married tomorrow). I found the brick on the beach; it says "Wilson" on it. This is my friends maiden name. I have started to paint a beach landscape scene that represents the place she got engaged.

struggling to make a wedding present

A page from my sketchbook notes. I have written “I love you” in a hand drawn lettering font. Then underneath I have written “ever-changing” and drawn arrows to the “I” and “You”. I came to the realisation that when we say I love you, the “I” and the “You” are constantly changing and evolving and in that case so is the love itself.


Photograph of a drawing. A sketch of a cherry blossom tree in my garden that has been drawn with a found twig. There are pink flowers from the tree positioned on the branches of my drawing.

hanami (sketching a tree with a tree)

A photograph of the sunrise I experienced this morning at the highest point in England (Scafell Pike).

breakfast on scafell pike

Two Images, the left image shows an old rusty ornamental bell from my childhood with a dog on top of it. The right image is the same bell painted white as I prepare to upcycle and repaint it this month.

making a start, ringing a bell