Eden Burdett

A page of drawings that document the process of development of a small fabric sculpture

Old Boxer

15 cm square on ply board, acrylic paint and lace collage.

On the beach

A developed ink splash drawing

The Flood

Written and illustrated by Eden Burdett

A day of Happiness

Sketch book. Collage, pen, ink wash and water colour wash.

For Fucks sake tell the truth

Pen, ink, watercolour and collage.

Just tell the fucking truth

Sketch book work

Dead coral

23 cmx 22 cm Acrylic on ply board. Looking at choke hold tactics employed by enforcement agencies.

Speak out (Liberty

A man in a black suit and a body builder drawn on a big head fabric figure. Looking at male display, vanities and vulnerability.

Come on (Desert)

Exploring changing roles and inevitability. The formal language uses change of scale and a nod towards monumentality and conceptual extension below a cut off plane.

Dry Earth (Mother and Daughter)

Fine solids (dust or soot) or liquid particles (mist or fog) suspended in air and that are individually invisible to the naked eye. Responsible for over seven million deaths worldwide each year.


Stolen or appropriated images are great starting points for image making. The dogs head comes from photographs taken in Barcelona of a group of four dogs snapping and snarling at each other. The drawing works in layers of pencil and ink through too thick acrylic paint. Interestingly it is incomplete.

My naked self enjoying my skin and fur

Exploring control and coercion in the context of domestic violence

What have I done to deserve this?

This small (10cm sq) collage drawing prepares the way for my layer effect of drawing on soft 3D form where inside and outside become uncertain, appropriation of topical images adds layers of meaning whilst washes of ink and watercolour add mood and manipulate space.

Inside the Snow Globe

I like body decoration this small sculpture has the figure drawing upon itself. So it is art making art the concept is the tool.

Marsupial (Hypergraphia) Detail

Playing with materials brings me joy. Suede being skin has great character however like everything it is political, as the title suggests the material itself has a questionable hinterland. This small sculpture made from a remnant bought in car boot sale  (a joy) asks questions about what we say to ourselves about ethical issues.

Suede Head (For Fuck sake tell The Truth)

Calico, Cotton thread, Acrylic paint. H15cmx W 6cm
From my Robber Baron series of male figures. This small sculpture features hands crossed over and clasped at the lower back tonal values describe the shape of a love heart as an ironic image contrasting with the body language. The sculpture teeters on two skulls challenging the trope of standing on the shoulders of giants and inferring physical and emotional imbalance. Ghosting from the back of the shoulders is a tonal graphic of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein. The over large head is intended to reference that of a T rex.

Why is the sky that colour?