Abigail Evans

Website: www.abigailevans.photography

Instagram: @abigail_r_evans

A drawing of a found phone self-portrait moment rendered as an inverted darkroom print. The paper has a slight sheen to it and the figure is made of white lines just about emerging from the black. All the edges are soft because of the exposure distance and the over-development.

Untitled (overdevelop darkroom contact print)

A b&w film photograph of twisted branches forming an aperture. The greenery beyond is blurred and soft foregrounding the asymmetrical interlocking branches.

You must go through

A photo of some backlit negatives. They show the small body of a bird laying on some paving stones in inverted b&w.

A swap

Several life drawing sketches: two larger (in charcoal) and one smaller in red pencil. They depict a seated figure with one knee raised, the leg crossing the other.

Failed brief but still created


A black and white design (as if for a EP cover etc.) with a cropped small and blurry image in the centre. The central image is a silver gelatin contact print made with a mobile phone, and depicts the inverted and abstracted form of a body.


A self-portrait shielded and blanketed by a quilt of stitched together b&w textural images and softened paper.

Tucked in/under shelter

Collage made with a folded geometrical design in white on black backing mounted on yellow.


An unrushed circle

A yellow cropping tool revealing a found moon photograph in the negative space

Moon spotting tool

A sculpture made up of silver bands and rings

What goes around comes around

A collage of strips of a photograph and curved elements including text-as-image reading variations on "a roundness" and "a kindness"

A kind of round kindness: a response to listening to the landscape

Labyrinth sketches in black pen


A charcoal image with an angular graphic from in the central negative space.


A monochrome image with a cutout symbol on a rough black background. The textured symbol is reminiscent of asemic writing, a found and felt form 'letter' form.


A paper construction with overlapping panels of photographs. The individual photographs are of bracken and thickets which interlink to form an enclosed circle or an inescapable maze.