Jackie Macrae

A0 graphite drawing, newly on this website. Enjoy.

The Hermits Cave

Blankets after my Covid vaccine

Day 10

A photograph of a photograph. (Rare)

Behind the scenes. (Rare)


Question: How do I react to awaiting news?

Wet plate collodion. Ultra long exposure. (2 hours)

Twenty One: Glass Ambrotype.

Fortune cookies.

with Steve, it's silly but i'll buy them always.

I struggle to see myself, photograph with text.


I have recently been given this and today I am researching and learning how to use it for the first time. A Yashica Mat 124 camera.

Waist Height: Time to explore a new medium.

A collagraph using masking tape, PVA and string.

A tool for today.

The moon brings me joy and has influences the better parts of my life.

To the moon and back.

A step into the unknown. Are we a weight upon our future? 

The cause is a reality, does it have to be our future.

Cut your teeth