Harriet Gillett

Boots and eyes


Abstract colour

Maybe it’s better

Two pairs of feet with a leopard in between them

Detail of courting

A corona bottle

Ay Corona

A sketch of harry with harry

Harry draws harry

Colourful layers and forms

Getting there

Egg and avo on bagel

Eggs are art right

Graffiti Cat face


Two leopards run past in a cityscape


A leopard is cramped between two pairs of feet


Ellie looking hard

Ellie on a badass don’t mess with me day

A distorted face illuminated by the fire

Detail of fireside

Leopard bead in front of the British museum

Past it

A leopard skirts along a wall whilst a couple of people walk by unknowingly

They didn’t see

A leopard sleeps in a darkened room. A man’s boot can be seen pacing through a crack in the door

Try and be useful

A cramped leopard squeezing between two pairs of feet

On the dance floor