Sara Grisewood

Instagram: @saragrisewood1

Paper handmade book stitched together with blue thread. Each page with torn paper collage and torn pieces of handwriting

Book. day 21

Lines and marks and rectangular shapes with card collage and pencil, blue oil pastel, yellow crayon, mauve paint on A3 graph paper which folds into a zine shape

trip to the coast day 20

Collage on concertina folded paper using pencil drawing, white bubble wrap, cardboard, pink watercolour and torn paper

Day 19

Pencil drawing on collage if cardboard and brown paint

Day 18 drawing

Pencil Drawing of train station on collage of paper and watercolour with mauve paint

drawing for day 17

Drawing on a folded piece of paper collaged with graph paper, blue card, pencil drawings. Photo taken over open book pages.

on the train day 16

Collage on a concertina of card and paper with pencil drawings and orange paper collage

bus journey there and back

Red painted paper booklet on graph paper with yellow card and crumpled lined paper. Sunlight through window making shadows

day 14 booklet for drawings

Concertina folded collage on paper: cardboard, red oil pastel lines, graph paper, torn pencil marks, handwriting.

bus journey day 12 remade day 13

Pieces of cardboard packaging standing on side with over slits and 2 arch shapes cut from orange/red card. In front a zigzag of brown paper with red oil pastel lined paper collage. All the pieces cast shadows on grey tablecloth.

day 12

A strip of torn cardboard folded and standing on another piece of cardboard with a collage of lined paper, graph paper, white bubble wrap, blue and green oil pastel and a wiggly grey line painted along length of concertina cardboard.

day 11

Irregular pieces of torn and cut paper with lines, pencil drawing, blue oil pastel scribble, collaged on to a long thin rectangular piece of red cardboard with a background of graph paper.

Day 10

Brown painted stripes on opened out cardboard packaging with collage of envelope, lined paper, pencil marks, red card and mauve paint ovoid shapes and shadows cast over from window.

day 9

A piece of white bubble wrap glued to a pieces of paper with blue and red oil pastel abs a piece of inside of envelope with small blue pattern and pencil marks on a piece of lined paper torn from a spiral bound. All collaged on to a torn piece of brown cardboard. A strip of brown paper envelope in a triangle shape over collage casts a shadow of another triangle.

day 8

Rectangular piece of cardboard hanging by white coated wire with red paper with pale pink oil pastel lines and lined paper with grey paint lines crossing over the collage.

day 7

Small torn pieces of paper with yellow oil pastel marks and pen marks collaged onto a torn piece of graph paper which is glued on to a piece of thin brown cardboard. A piece of green plastic wire is threaded through card to make a loop.

day 6

Grey paint over collage of torn blue and red paper and brown cardboard. All glued on a torn piece of brown cardboard.

day 5

Rectangular piece of lined paper with yellow oil pastel and rectangular folded strip of lined paper and rectangular lined paper with pen and pencil marks and strip of red paper with pale pink oil pastel stripes, all stuck on to a piece of brown cardboard packaging.

day 4

Collage on to brown cardboard of rectangular and irregular shapes of light blue torn paper, blue pattern inside of envelope, yellow oil pastel on lined paper, pencil drawing on lined paper, cardboard fold with graph paper collage.

Day 3

Collage: white bubble wrap, yellow card with text, paper with handwritten text, red card with pale pink oil pastel, blue envelope. Acrylic light brown paint over the collage in places. All stuck to an irregular piece of cardboard with a white plastic coated wire threaded through.

Day 2

Yellow oil pastel on 4 paper strips on green card with line of pencil writing and red card with pink and brown oil pastel and all collaged onto brown cardboard

Day 1